What Is an SEO Tool And How To Use Them

What Is An SEO Tool And Why People Aren’t Using Them

Today I’m going to cover SEO tools. A lot of people don’t understand the importance of using SEO on their websites. They say, what is an SEO tool, and why should I use it?

At its most basic, all SEO tools are designed to find out the flaws in your content that you have written and optimized that content for maximum exposure to the public.

SEO tools both Paid and Free.

  • SEMRush
  • KWFinder
  • SpyFu
  • Google Search Console
  • Answer The Public
  • SEOquake

Some of the most common ways that most SEO tools work towards optimizing your page are:

  • Unique URL page titles – Is your page unique enough that it can grab that low hanging fruit instead of fighting the big guys out there.
  • Properly worded keyword heading titles – Did you know that the length of your keyword title can adversely affect your SEO.
  • Keyword difficulty – Here we are looking for that right keyword that is still getting good traffic but doesn’t have hundreds of websites competing for it.
  • Keyword variety – Throughout your article, you will want to use your keyword again but worded differently so you aren’t stuffing your article.
  • Backlinks – Backlinking back from an authority site is a great way to help you post ranking.
  • Competitor research – Do research on your competitor’s articles for ideas to enhance your own.
  • Page ranking – test your posts for page ranking and use the information the tool gives you to improve it.
  • Internal and external links – Orphan post are hard on your SEO ranking you need to be linking with other pages in and outside your post for maximum benefit.

With the Google algorithms becoming smarter by the day, it is more important than ever that you keep up to date with the latest SEO tactics that are available at the time.

The SEO tactics, as mentioned above, are just a few of the basic types that you can use in your pursuit of optimizing your page content and competitor research.

Even if you are doing PPC marketing, you need to be able to maximize your keyword research to squeeze every bit of advantage out of all the content that you write.

It might not seem like much, but it can make the difference between your post being on Page one or lost in the internet rubbish pile.

Will it guarantee that every post will be on page one? No, it won’t, but it can’t hurt its chances.

What SEO Tool To Use And Why

One of the biggest questions out there is what SEO tool I should use, and would it be of the most benefit for me in the long term?

Each of the tools that I’m going to cover below some of them will cover all aspects of SEO optimization needed, while some will cover specific areas.

SEMRush – Marketing Research & Analysis Tool

semrush keyword and research analytics, 
What Is An SEO Tool

First off, I will off start with semrush.com. Of all of the SEO marketing platforms out there, this is one of the most comprehensive platforms covering all SEO marketing strategies.

A lot of SEO professionals gravitate towards SEMrush because of the ease of use and some of the tools that are available there in one package. Here are the primary tools used

  • Domain analytics – Use this tool to break down your domain into all of its various components so you can see the overall picture of your site.
  • Keyword analytics – Analyze your keyword difficulty and find more options to use in your content.
  • Projects manager – Projects are the meat of SEMRush; in the drop-down menu, you can choose from an extensive range of features such as site audit, backlink audit, social media tracker, to name a few.
  • Marketing insights – Get an overview of your domain vs. three other competitor websites at a time.
  • Gap analysis – Specify up to five domains, exact URL, subdomains, or folders. Compile yourself a list of all popular and unique keywords they rank for.
  • Topic research – Type in a keyword or a topic, and it will sort out a list of your rival’s content to give you an idea for your next post.
  • SEO content template – Put in your post URL and get the content assessed against the top 10 competitors in your niches for suggestions to use.
  • SEO writing assistant – Creates a report on originality, readability, tone of voice, and keywords that are missing to improve your overall SEO.
  • Lead generation (New) – This is a nifty little tool that allows you to add a fully customized widget to your post where a reader can add their email address to get a site audit done, and you get the lead.

There is a lot more to SEMrush then just these tools mentioned above. I covered these tools as these would be the most popular ones you would use in everyday use.

Who Would I Recommend SEMRush For?

While SEMRush is, in my opinion, one of the best SEO tools in the market for SEO marketing, I would only recommend it for people who have large websites or companies who are running SEO campaigns for clients and who have the money to be able to pay the monthly fees.

If you are looking to squeeze every single scrap of SEO juice out of your website, then SEMrush is the way to go.

Pricing Plan

Pro$99.95 per month
Guru$199.95 per month
Business$399.95 per month
Billed annuallySave 16% on all plans

KWFinder – Keyword Tool

kwfinder keyword research

KWFinder is an SEO tool that is well known and respected for finding some of the best keywords out there with a low SEO difficulty.

It is straightforward to use. Type in your keyword or your domain that you want to do a search for hit the enter key, and it brings up a dashboard with all of the different metrics that you need.

KWFinder also comes with a package of other SEO tools at your disposal.

  • SERPChecker – Check your keyword difficulty against your competitors
  • SERPWatcher – Track keywords rankings and metrics in any domain that you want to study
  • LinkMiner – Find backlinks on your website that might damage your Google SEO and search competitor’s website so that you can analyze backlink difficulty.
  • SiteProfiler – Enter a domain name to get a comprehensive insight into all the metrics of that particular site.

It also has three free SEO tools, which make for a complete package overall.

  • SEO browser extension – A SEO tool that will do an SEO check on any page that you are currently on.
  • SERP volatility checker – This tool evaluates the Google search algorithm changes daily on desktop and mobile and sends a daily email to let you know of any changes.
  • Serp simulator – Enter the URL that you want to check, and it will give data on the title, snippet length, heatmap, date, ads on the page, and map packs.

Even just using KWFinder alone, I found that it is worth it, but with all the other SEO tools included, it is hard to beat in the variety of tools you can choose from.

Mangools Basic$49.00 per month
Mangools Premium$69.00 per month
Mangools Agency$129.00 per month
Billed AnnuallySave 40% on all plans

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SpyFu – Competitor Research Tool

SpyFu competitor research

SpyFu Is an advanced SEO competitor research tool. This tool is considered an excellent tool to be used by people who have a limited budget and don’t need all the extras that come with the large SEO agencies such as SEMrush.

  • SEO research – Paste in your competitor’s URL to give you an insight on how to craft your content by looking at the strength and weaknesses of your competitor.
  • PPC research – Learn all there is to know about your competitor’s PPC keywords to find gold or rubbish, keyword history, and ad spend.
  • Keyword research – Type in a keyword or a phrase to get an in-depth analysis of all facets of how you could use it or improve it.
  • Backlink research – Backlinks are a crucial step to improve your site rankings. Use this tool to sort the high-quality backlinks out there from the dross.
  • Keyword tracking – You have all of your keywords all sorted out now; you need to track them to see how they perform. This tool will monitor your keywords, and you can export reports as well.
  • Overall reports – Build a report from any part of your campaign in this tab quickly and easily.

Each tab mentioned above has its components in a sub-tab underneath it to improve your overall research performance. SpyFu

SpyFu Is considered one of the best SEO tools on the market for researching competitor’s websites.

SpyFu Basic$39.00$33.00
SpyFu Professional$79.00$58.00
SpyFu Team$299.00$199.00
30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Free SEO Tools

Answer The Public

answer the public content creation

Answer the public is one of my favorite SEO tools. I love using it because I can find topics to write content about that I didn’t even know the public was asking for.

All you have to do is type in a keyword; for this example, I will use the keyword SEO tools appropriate to this post, wouldn’t you think?

With this keyword search, I came up with these answers. The answers are all divided up into these categories:

  • Questions – 30
  • Prepositions – 26
  • Comparisons – 20
  • Alphabetical keywords – 188
  • Related – 8

With all of the results that I extracted from that simple search, I got many ideas that I would never have thought of to write articles about.

Are you getting yourself a freelancer to write your content? Go here, type in your keyword, download your ideas, and send it along with all the other details.

Quite a few people also use it to find frequently asked questions to write about. It gives them more credibility because they have the answer in their post.

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Google Search Console

As the first port of call, Google search control would be the best way to start your SEO marketing efforts; after all, who would be better to help your SEO efforts than the google SEO testing tool.

It has all the necessary features that you will need to get your website up to scratch with all your SEO issues. Google search console has an easy to use dashboard, and all of the tools are easy to understand and use.

The google’s webmaster tools can give you valuable information about your website in seconds, the suite of tools that it has at its disposal is enough for people who are just getting up and going in the SEO world.

Some of these tools include:

  • Site performance
  • URL inspection
  • Indexing tools
  • Site enhancement tools
  • Security and manual actions
  • Legacy tools and reports
  • Link reports

These tools tie together to make an excellent package for the beginner to get out of the starting blocks, but in the long term, it won’t be enough for what you will need in the way of SEO tools.

You will find that you need other features such as keyword research, competitor analysis, and in-depth analysis of your site.

Google Search Console is an excellent platform to use in conjunction with your other SEO tools as you can submit URLs for google to index and remove URLs either permanently or temporarily from google indexing.

SEOquake toolbar extension

seoquake toolbar extension

SEOquake is a trendy SEO toolbar extension. With this toolbar extension, you can view multiple search engine factors at the same time.

Once you have the reports, you can save them and then compare against other results that you have collected with other projects.

Though a lot of the information can be overwhelming to someone who is still new to SEO, people who have experience will appreciate the detail that this toolbar extension provides.

Find out details about the number of visitors and their country of origin and get a website traffic history trended onto a graph as one of its features.

The toolbar also has buttons on it, including a site Google index update, SEMrush ranking, backlinks tracking, Facebook likes, Alexa ranking, Bing indexing, web archive age, and has access to the Whois page.

While this tool is an excellent add-on to your arsenal of SEO tactics, it is limited because of it being a free product to be able to utilize all of the data fully.

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My what is an SEO tool summary

People don’t realize the importance of SEO because when they first come into the affiliate marketing scene, it’s all about building your website.

There is not a lot being emphasized on the importance of SEO in general to improve your performance. When I first started, I know I never even thought about it for one single second.

When you were first starting, it is all about the website and building content to get readers to your page.

But the sooner you start to implement basic SEO strategies; the more likely your content will have a better chance of landing on page one.

Which SEO platform you decide to use will always depend on the long term goal goals of where you are going in the future.

If your goal were to be an SEO consultant for big companies or websites, SEMrush would be the way to go, but for the average affiliate marketer, SPYFu and KWFinder would be all that you need.

I hope you enjoyed this article and take advantage to squeeze out every scrap of SEO knowledge that you can; it will make the difference in the long term.

Kevin delahaye

Hi there everyone my name is Kevin Delahaye and I am the owner of Niche Marketing Toolkit.

I will try to bring value to you with each and every post I write and hopefully have the answer to the question you were seeking.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back as soon as possible. Cheers

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    I have tried a few SEO tools and I only really liked two which was Google Keyword Planner and also Jaaxy. They were very simple to use and I still use Jaaxy a lot more nowadays when it comes to titles of posts and headings within the articles.

    It’s great that you have discussed a lot of other tools because SEO is so important. SEO really does need to be taken seriously, I learned this quite early on. If people do not take it seriously at the moment, they can start now.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

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  2. I was doing a lot of research on these tools before and have tested SEM Rush and KWFinder (and other tools from Mangools guys). All in all, these are all extremely useful for SEO. Most people forget about the importance of SEO when building a site or a blog. Unfortunately, that’s why a lot of great content never sees the first page of search engines. I’m going to revisit some of these pages once again. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes you are correct about that when I first started using SEO practices some of the things that you would never think about I found to fix easily and improve my content.


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