What Is a Good Email Marketing Response Rate & how you can improve it?

What Is A Good Email Marketing Response rate & how you can improve it

One of the important questions out there is, What is a good email marketing response, and what can you do to improve it?

The success or failure of your email campaigns will depend on your open email rate. If nobody wants to open your email, then you can’t get a revenue stream coming in.

So, to get a higher click-through rate, you need your subscribers to open your newsletters. So how are you going to get people to open your emails?

What is the average email open rate?

Average results by continent

What Is A Good Email Marketing Response

Average Results By Country

average results by country

What is the best time of the day and week?

The best time of day

best time of day

The easy answer is it depends on the industry and the demographics of that specific niche.

There does seem to be three popular times that you could send your emails out; the first one is around about 10:00 AM just after people have turned up for work.

The second time you could send out your emails would we between 1:00 till 2:00 PM as people are looking at their emails just after they have finished having their lunches.

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The third popular time seems to be after 6:00 PM just before they start to have dinner and settle down to watch TV.

Just remember that you can be flexible with these times depending on what time of the year it is what type of job they have and a variety of other reasons there is no hard and fast rule.

The best day of the week

best day of week

Monday and Tuesday as per usual seem to be the leaders in average opens & clicks, but the weekdays aren’t as clear cut.

But on the flip side, the best click to open ratio is Saturday & Sunday, a lot of marketers do not bother to send on the weekends, so the competition isn’t as hard.


Run an A/B split test for about 2-3 weeks to work out the best response rate and then go with the flow now, and then depending on the time of year and other variables, you might have to adjust it.

Sometimes it’s handy to let an algorithm do the hard work for you; there are two different features that you can have them done at Get Response.

Perfect Timing – This feature works by detecting the history of the subscriber from previously opened emails.

Statistics show that most people read about the top 2 till three emails on top and delete the rest. I know where I want my email. ?

Time Travel – this can be set so that it will send the email out at the same time no matter what time zone or country you live in.

These two features will help take a lot of the guesswork out of what is the best time to send your email.

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How can I increase my email open rates?

Now let us check out a few of the optimal metrics to send out emails to your subscriber list to get the maximum benefits to open up your emails.

  • Double opt-ins 

In my opinion, getting your subscribers to confirm with double opt-in will create better results for you in the long term.

It will mean that your email list will be smaller, but the people who are on your list have taken that extra step to get on your list, which proves their interest in what you are offering them.

Because they are actively interested in your topic in the long term will most probably help with your overall open right and click-through rate if you keep the quality and content of your emails going.

It has been proven that double opt-in lists have a higher average open and click right then single opt-in lists; this proves the old saying quality beats quantity.

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  • The sender name and the subject line

In your email, you are the two most important reasons to get the opened by your subscribers.

69% of subscribers are more likely to read your email because it is from you, not a company name, and 47% of subscribers will open an email depending on how good the subject line is.

Nearly 87% of marketers use their company name instead of their name, mainly because they are ignorant of the fact.

Its been found that by using your name can increase open rates by about as much as 35%, how’s that for the bottom line.

  • The headline and pre-header

The old saying its all in the details is true here, a lot of marketers do not take the time to craft a good headline and pre-header.

A good rule of thumb seems to be to keep your headline between 5 to 9 words, as this appears to have been proven to be the optimal length.

The headline should grab the reader’s attention without trying to sell anything in it. It would help if you had the bang to wake them up.

Now they are awake, and you need the pre-header, which is to tie the story into with headline for maximum effect.

Take your time on this as your email is useless if it does not get opened.

  • Crafting of the content

Now, this is where it can come down to the type of audience you have as part of your list.

Example: Real estate emails need to be catchy to keep the reader’s attention but still have the necessary details to keep it relevant.

Whereas if you were selling an eCommerce product, you would be looking to get the purchase to go through by catching their attention quickly.

The art here is knowing your market and working out what they want to see if you intend to write a long email or how to get them to bite at the short one.

A long email would be looking to have two links in it.

The first would be just after your first paragraph because they can see what the second paragraph is shaping up to be and decide to get in then and the second about 2/3rd of the way down.

The short email would right in the center by itself to stand out for the quick click through.

Make sure that your links are polarising and tell the subscriber what you want them to do, if you leave the decision to them, they are less likely to click the link.

  • Make your emails mobile-friendlyDepending on what service you are with, the email design template should be able to give you a mobile option.

With Get Response, You can click on the preview button to see each type and move the fields around or delete bits out the mobile version to make them more user friendly.

  • Image vs. text emailThis one is a little bit with how you like to write your emails and the type of customer you are selling to.

It’s not that easy a question, as is shown in the stats below. The big problem was what size the image was? A logo or a large full-sized image.

The statistics seem to show that images can work in your favor, but test your audience out and A/B split test the same email to find which works better, text, or image.

Check out all of these email marketing services to see which one is right for you.

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My conclusion

When you are first starting as an email marketer, take your time, send out your emails, and keep an eye out on your averages.

The first emails you send out are most probably going to be rubbish, but as you get further along, you will improve.

In time you will develop your “VOICE” This is what your readers will identify with you, call it your personality on paper.

Write naturally and don’t try to force your products down their throat, keep your emails informative so that they come back to read.

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Hi there everyone my name is Kevin Delahaye and I am the owner of Niche Marketing Toolkit.

I will try to bring value to you with each and every post I write and hopefully have the answer to the question you were seeking.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back as soon as possible. Cheers

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  1. Thanks for the content! As a successful internet marketer, build up an email list is a must. The Double opt-in is a good idea,will give it a try. Personally also using GetResponse, i think it’s the best tool for email marketing.

  2. Hi Kevin, thanks for this post. Email marketing and building a list is pretty difficult and takes time to understand everything. I’m glad you mentioned the double optin as it has many views on the subject but I like the quality is better than quantity after all this about building a long term business.
    Thanks again. Barry

  3. Hey Kevin, a great read with some very invaluable information and a topic that people probably spend hardly any time doing.

    I agree with the 2-way optin.

    Timing is so critical and how often you send out emails, don’t you think?

    The number of times I have subscribed to a site only to be pestered day in day out.

    Thank you for sharing.


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