The Wealthy Affiliates Review – The New Look

The Wealthy Affiliates Review Looking To The Future

Welcome today and let me give you the low down on the Wealthy Affiliates review. It has been a chaotic year with Covid-19 ravaging the world but Kyle and Carson have moved forward and updated the whole of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The platform is designed to be used by newbies who are starting from scratch with no knowledge of what to do all the way up to advanced marketer who is still looking for more to learn.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

  • Name – Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website –
  • Owners – Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim
  • Premium Membership – $49.00 per month or $495.00 per year =$41.25 per month

The Updated Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

The new dashboard takes getting to all of the modules easier than ever, you just choose your icon from up the top and click making it very user friendly.

Also if you want to keep up with all of the latest things happening on the platform choose from the menu options on the left hand side.

Or if you want just go and have a chat with everybody in the live chat in the right corner just be careful sometimes you can be distracted and get caught up in the feed 🙂

Click The Play Button To Explore The Dashboard

  • Training – Click on the drop-down menu and you can choose whichever training you were doing where you can pick up from wherever you were up to just by clicking on the icon, no searching to find your spot.
  • Websites – Open up the drop-down menu and choose which website you want to work on. You can also access the various elements of your websites all in one place.
  • Classes – This is the new addition to the wealthy affiliate arsenal. Jay’s weekly webinars are available here but there is now a new addition where the top ambassadors of WA take on the role as an affiliate marketing coach and have their own structured classes there that you can access.
  •  Research – This is where the Jaaxy keyword search toolbar is, go in and use Jaaxy. You will see a section below all about Jaaxy.
  • Promote – In this section, you can go and type in a keyword for the type of affiliate product you are looking for. It will bring up a range of products from various affiliate networks, mainly Clickbank. I found that it needs a lot of work done on it before I would bother using it myself as it tends to be a little vague.
  • Publish – This is the nerve center of your website, This is where you go to create all of your content and publish directly onto your website of choice.
  • Live chat – Is now on the home page you can go here to chat with other Wealthy Affiliate members, it can be fast-paced in there as everybody is chatting away very quickly. It can be an excellent place to meet other people, but I wouldn’t bother putting a question in there regarding anything significant as it disappears down the feed quickly.
  • Help center – You can go here to ask a question of the community, send a private message to somebody (though you can also do that by clicking their profile), and also contact site support as well.

So I hope this helps you understand the setup of the navigation area a little better. I have found it very easy to navigate around.

Free Starter Membership vs Premium Membership

Do The Benefits Outweigh The Cost Of a Premium Membership?

There are so many affiliate training programs out there that pull you in, and then once you are in charge, you more money to get the full benefits of the course.

With this course, there isn’t any hidden cost inside the platform. Once you join, you have full access to the whole platform and its resources.

For $495 per year, you have everything you need in one spot, a website builder, website hosting, training courses, keyword research tool, and a ton of other products for you to access.

Why go to multiple places to get a lot of different things when you can find it all in one place?

Price comparison chart

Affiliate Marketing Education Programs

My recommendation for starting

Start with The Online Entrepreneur Certification; this will take you through the basics of getting introduced to the inner workings and as an intro to setting up.

As a free starter member, you have access to phase one of the seven courses.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

online entrepreneur program, The Wealthy Affiliates Review

If you already have your niche firmly in your mind and want to concentrate on furthering your particular niche, then this is the course to start with as you come aboard.

This course will give you all the building blocks you will need to get your site seen in the searches. And it will provide you with original working to make your website social and ranking.

Once you have finished your preferred free starter course, go and do the other one as well. The basics at the start are similar, but there is some in each that is different than you can build out your knowledge base.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

This course is primarily centered on promoting Wealthy Affiliate as your primary affiliate moneymaker; from this, you design your content to complement the product.

You then start to add secondary affiliate programs in as well that go with Wealthy Affiliate to tie the products together to create a package for your readers.

As a Starter member, you have access to 50 training modules. If you upgrade to Premium Membership, you have access to 1,000+ training modules.

Both courses are very comprehensive in covering every aspect of website creation and building up your site into an authority site.

What are the benefits of SiteRubix The Website builder?

You have three options below to choose from and create a website on a free domain, a Domain you own, or Register a brand New domain!

  1. Free domain – If you don’t have a website yet you can set up a free when you start up and when you are ready all you do is transfer the site to a .com address.
  2. Domain I own – This option is for people who already have a domain name and are looking to set up hosting on the platform.
  3. Register a domain – If you are looking to buy a domain name on wealthy affiliate you can and you can also transfer your existing hosted domain from your current hosting company.

All hosting is free on the platform. Somebody with a free membership can host one free website a premium member can host 10 websites for free.

Domain options

Click The Play Button To see Website Builder In Action

It Really Is Easy To Use. Give It A Try

Newbie friendly & for people who don’t like messing around in the back office
A lot of people who are just getting their feet wet in the market and even a few who have been around for a while don’t want to try and build a website up from the ground up.

By using the website builder, all you have to do is use the Jaaxy keyword tool to help find the keyword that will best suit your site and then type it in and let the website builder do its thing.

A tip if you have decided on website name for your site Rubix makes sure it is available as standard .com domain as well, so if you wish to migrate your site onto the domain name, you have bought. It is a simple process and doesn’t take long.

The Web Site Builder is simplicity in itself. Just follow the instructions and push the button, and it is built. As a Free Starter Member, you will have access to one siterubix domain.

The website comes pre-built with the standard plugins that you need to optimize your site, no searching blindly for plugins you aren’t even sure you need.

Then go to the site manager and login and have a look around.

As a Free Starter Member, you can build your website on the domain.

If you wish to use your domain, you have to upgrade to Premium Membership.

You can buy your domain name on Wealthy Affiliate as they have their domain name search or if you have an existing domain name, you can point the name servers over.

How is the website manager setup?

website manager
  • Site Manager – This is where all of the websites that you own are centralized, All of your login details and site health details are here for easy access.
  • Site Builder – The engine room of Wealthy Affiliate where you build all of your websites from scratch. All it takes is four easy steps to build.
  • Site Domains – Search for a domain that will suit your niche and buy it on the platform all ready to go.
  • Site Content – Choose whether to use a template to write your article or create an article from scratch and then post to your website this is where you do it all.
  • Site Comments – Add your comment here for other people’s websites and get some back in return. A great way to build trust with your audience.
  • Site Feedback – Are you looking for some feedback on what your website is like? Go and review somebody else’s website and give some feedback and they will do the same.
  • Site Support – If anything goes wrong with your website contact the friendly team and they will fix the issue for you. The team is accessible 24/7 365 days a year.

Weekly Expert Live Class Webinars

Damn it, back to class we go; we said when we were kids at high school. But in Jay’s classes, I will definitely make an exception.

On Friday night, every week, there is a weekly training video on a different topic. The training video usually lasts for about an hour then a Q&A Session.

live weekly webinar

Jay also called magistudios, does the training videos. His teaching style is very relaxed atmosphere, so it makes it easy to follow along.

But the video classes are all on topic with the latest strategies out there. Or Jay runs an in-depth series on the same subject for a month.

You can’t get a better insight into the world of affiliate marketing than by watching his weekly webinars.

He answers questions during the presentation if they are pertinent, but most questions are asked at the end in the live chat Q&A session.

And if you missed any of Jay’s classes, you could go to the library and find it. There are hundreds of videos for you to watch.

This is just a small taste of the training videos in the WA community. There is a vast range that you can choose from by just making a search request on the dashboard.

Free Starter Members do not have access to the weekly live events training.

Research – Jaaxy keyword tool

Research is key to being successful in going forward in succeeding in your chosen niche.

Jaaxy keyword research

Site rank – This is where you check to see how you were doing in the past & check your current website authority.

My keyword lists – This is your bread and butter to finding those low hanging fruit keywords for higher ranking.

Search Analysis – This is where you see what your competition is doing & discover new SEO trends.

Alphabet soup – Find your sub-niches here when you drill down on your keyword selections.

Brainstorm HQ – Find all of the current & popular ideas in the market.

Affiliate programs – Looking for affiliate programs in your niche? Jaaxy can help you there.

Niche Keyword Lists – Create your custom keyword lists. Only available to Premium Members

Why do I need keyword research, you say? That is the universal question asked of just about everybody who has just started.

Take this example of a keyword search that I just typed in as an example: wealthy affiliate reviews 2020

My keyword has an average traffic review of 40 with a QSR of only 21, which means only 21 sites are using this keyword. The keyword will tend to rank higher because of the lack of competition and decent traffic.

You are ideally looking for a keyword that has a minimum of about average traffic 0f 40 up and QSR under 100. See the QSR for it.

Now you see the value of keyword research, and you need to find the low hanging fruit keywords so your post can rank easier.

Easy keywords search

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you have access to Jaaxy Lite, which has all the features mentioned above.

There is a premium version available, but until you have started to build your site out seriously, I wouldn’t worry about it.

As a Free Starter Member, you only have 30 free searches. If you upgrade to Premium membership, you get unlimited access to Jaaxy.

Support – How comprehensive is it?

wealthy affiliate support

  • Site support – It is 24/7 – 365 days a year. You put in a request with support with your question. They will fix any problems that specifically arise on your website.
  • Ask a question – This is where you go and type in a general inquiry, and the community is very sharing, and somebody usually knows the answer for what you need. You can get excellent advice here, though it might take a while for somebody who knows the answer to reply
  • Live chat – You can go into live chat and join in discussion with a question of your own, or you might know the answer to somebody else question. You can get a response quickly as it is a live discussion board, but it could soon disappear down the feed if nobody knows the answer.
  • Private message – If you wish, you can send people a private message if you want to discuss a particular subject. It can be a benefit, but not everybody bothers with their PM so that you may get no response either.

Free starter members have no access to site support at all and only have access to the other three for seven days.

Affiliate program searches – how good is it?

affiliate programs platform

Wealthy Affiliate has a search function so you can scope out a lot of the affiliate programs out there.

In my testing of the search bar, I have found that it does cover an extensive range of affiliate programs. It has a good variety over most of the major network affiliate programs out there.

It also has trending opportunities on the sidebar though that doesn’t have much of a variety.

While it is a great feature, I find that the search function needs to be refined a lot so that it will break down the niches a little more.

Social Proof of Wealthy Affiliate

People always want to know if it will work or not. All you have to do is look around the WA community to see the proof that it works.

You will see the small successes where somebody just made their 1st sale; other people built their very 1st website and other people who have finally earned enough to quit their 9 to 5 job.

Members can post in the community social proof to show as a badge of achievement for that next step they have taken down the road to achieving their goal.

Here are a few examples of what people have achieved in their quest to better themselves.

Pros & Cons of Wealthy Affiliate


  • Simple and easy to use. As soon as you come to the dashboard, take your time and click into each of the dashboard components to navigate around the various sections.
  • Type in the search bar up the top for a question you have, most of the time it has been asked, or there is some relevant training.
  • Site support is 24/7 365 days of the year, and they usually get back in touch straight away sometimes it may take a little longer if they are trying to find a tricky problem that might arise on your site.
  • The site health feature in the site manager is useful for keeping an overall track of how well your site is doing.
  • All websites come with inbuilt Site speed, SiteSSL, SiteProtect (spam blocker), and Whois site protection.
  • The weekly live events keep the platform evolving all the time.
  • The community atmosphere is very positive and responsive to answering any questions you have.


  • If you like getting your hands dirty on your blog, you cant, as there is no c-panel access. All problems are sorted out through support.
  • If you are a person who gets easily distracted, you can get lost in the community to the exclusion of doing your training or writing posts.

My Overall Take on Wealthy Affiliate

Talking as an affiliate who uses the course can be hard because you can come across as biased.

But as you have seen as I went through each aspect of the different features in there, you can see that I have laid them out barebone naked as I said I would.

As a training platform for starting up a business from scratch in both technical and training for content training and how to optimize your website, the platform is set up well in the way that they both go hand in glove.

It is a simple platform to navigate and easy to use for beginners and people who haven’t had advanced training; this is definitely for you.

I have tried other platforms in the past and lost money on them as well, I prefer the step-by-step approach that it provides.

For those people who are experienced marketers, there is still a lot you could learn, but I would say that you would most probably be not comfortable with the setup as it is designed to begin at the startup phase.

If you like to tinker with your blog, you can’t as there is no access to your c-panel on this platform, which is a big turn-off for a lot of people.

When you read all the reviews out there, and they say all they are trying to do is get you to upgrade to the Premium Membership.

Of course, they are Kyle & Carson is in this to make money, just like the rest of us.

The hard facts of affiliate marketing

Here are the naked facts: The old saying you get nothing for nothing is correct; you will only go so far with anything you do if you expect to pay nothing.

You will have to work hard to get your website up and running, so it depends on how much time you can afford to put in per week as to how long it take you to start making an income.

To be genuinely successful and compete with the other affiliates out there, you need the knowledge to meet them on a level playing ground.

For the price of going out to a restaurant for dinner once a month, you have access to unlimited training, which is continually updated.

Affiliate marketing is a hard taskmaster. You have to continually be posting relevant content consistently for your site and posts to start ranking as an authority site to attract visitors.

Unless you are sending paid traffic to your site, don’t expect any regular income to start coming in until at least three or four months this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, better leave right now if that is what you believe.

And lastly, and most importantly, make sure that your niche is interesting to you as you have to be writing a lot of posts, and nothing is worse than writing if you have no interest in it.

My Wealthy Affiliate Rating Score Breakdown

wealthy affiliate review score

Bye for now

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  1. This is quite a comprehensive post on WA platform and you have done a great job in enunciating every feature on this platform. I like the fact that we can test out this platform with a FREE Starter account and then decide to upgrade it later.

    I think…the key to start an online business is to be open to the idea of working hard. There are no free lunches and a sustainable online business can’t be built overnight, if you approach with this mindset & follow the training provided on the platform then you will eventually be successful.

    • Yes you are quite right about that. Wealthy affiliate is an excellent platform to learn everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing but in the end it comes down to whether you put in the work in order to attain your goals.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Yes, Kyle and Carson never stop updating the platform and making it more intuitive for all members around the globe. I am also a WA member, so I can tell what they are doing to make WA better every single day.

    I suggest suspicious people can start trying WA’s starter membership to know how good the training content, Jaaxy-the keyword research tool, and SiteRubix are. They will love WA immediately as I did when I first landed on WA.

    Thanks for sharing the latest update of WA’s home page in your video. It’s quite refreshing, isn’t it?


  3. Hello Kevin,

    Wow! Really a lot to take in and I love how you introduce me to all the value, functions, and services that WA has to offer. It made me also remember what I really love about WA, and that is the community of ever-loving and supportive people around the world.

    I love that you are updating your content along with the much-needed changes in the WA website.

    • Glad that you liked it, A lot of people have said that wealthy affiliate isnt keeping up with the times. Just with this update I have shown that they have have listened, though they could still update a little bit on their core courses though.

  4. I feel my site is in safe hands at Wealthy Affiliate and any technical problems have been fixed very fast. Though I’m not very active in chat, I love the positive vibe of the community, and how willing members are to help others.

  5. I really love the security that Wealthy Affiliate provides. Did you know that they have a second back up server? This way, if their server ever goes down, your site will always be up and running. Phenomenal.

  6. Great review! It is very in-depth and an affiliate marketer like me can benefit from honest information like this! Wealthy affiliate is a great program full of many benefits. You get amazing training and a great community to back you up and best part you can start for Free. I have been with WA for over three years now and I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have their own website.

  7. I found that working on my site is a great booster for me.
    Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much the best. The LiveChat help system and articles are a Godsend.

    I made myself a posting routine and I stick to it like my life depends on it.

    Before this, I didn’t have any direction. Might be boring, but it works for me.

    Great post.


  8. Pretty good post here for WA, and I agree with you it is one good platform to work with. And so many people on the site to help you.
    Great post
    take care

  9. Great review

    I agree that you can sound as biased as a member of Wealthy Affiliate because of how good it is. I know myself from experience.
    Thank you for doing a good job in showing all the features well done. One of the best reviews I have seen.


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