10 SEO Tips For Ranking Content With The Google Bots

SEO Tips For Ranking Content

The old saying of “Content Is King” will always be right, but you still have to have a Queen and SEO marketing or “search engine optimization Is the Queen. So, I thought I’d put together 10 SEO tips for ranking content.

SEO or “search engine optimization” sounds scary to the average marketer out there; even for people who’s been running their websites for a long time, SEO can be very intimidating.

But the truth is the necessary steps of SEO are easy to do and once learned are with you forever.

What the major problem with SEO is that the teaching programs can be expensive; most beginner marketers can’t afford the plans as they are usually on a tight budget.

So with all that said, let’s get on with covering the 10 SEO tips for ranking content, the tips are straightforward to understand and will help you go along way for your basic understanding of SEO.

Keep your Keywords Towards The Front of The Title

health food coupons

It might seem a simple thing, but a lot of people forget that your keywords have to have relevance, and by placing it at the back of the title, it will lose its significance.

So let’s go with our keyword for the day being “health food coupons” sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

So now, let’s write out two titles using our keyword.

Title #1: “10 websites where you can get health food coupons.”

To the average reader, this sounds OK, but the problem here is because the keywords are at the back of the title, it loses relevance.

Title #2: “health food coupons where are the best deals found?”

Now, do you see how that grabs your attention straight away because the keyword is at the start of the title structure?

Because it is at the front of the title, it is showing that it has more relevance, and that is what the Google bots are looking for when they crawl your site.

Sometimes it’s just the little things that can make the most significant difference towards ranking number one or not ranking at all.

Make Your Keywords The URL

make your keyword url

A lot of marketers tend to overthink the URL and put in big fancy URL titles thinking that this will work better for their article. Sometimes the best policy is Keep It Simple or (KIS) works the best.

So let’s go with this for an example our keyword is going to be “build your own chicken coop,” now, a lot of people would go like this below.

Page title: “build your own chicken coop in 10 easy steps.”

URL name: crazychickens.com/how-to-build-your-own-chicken-coop-in-10-easy-steps

Then when you look at it, I would stay with the page title because that reads well, but the URL I would take the Clippers to it and shave it back to its primary keywords.

My URL would be crazychickens.com/build-your-chicken-coop notice how I have stripped out the unnecessary words of the URL, and this will help to optimize the URL because it breaks it down simply to what the article is all about.

Now is that so hard to do? All it took with a little bit of extra thought of how to reword the URL, and now I’ve improved my chances of ranking with article.

Search engine optimization

Title Image Optimisation

Title Image Optimisation, SEO tips for ranking content

A lot of people forget to optimize their image play place an image into the featured header and don’t do any SEO optimization if you don’t do this you are leaving prime real estate untended.

Here are five image optimization options that will help you.

  • Insert your keyword into the file name and the image metadata
  • Insert your keyword into the image title
  • Insert your keyword into the alt-text
  • Insert your keyword into the caption
  • Insert your keyword into the image description

Don’t try to use all five of these at one time as it can be just a little over the top try two or three to see how it works; another option can also be to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexingkeywords as well.

You can also use LSI keywords in further images in your article so that you don’t over-optimize your post, image SEO is easy and practical, but a lot of people don’t take any notice of it.

Insert some into your images now; it’s just as easy as that.

Don’t Try To Over Optimise Your Content

over optimise content, SEO tips for ranking content

A lot of people believe that shoving in as many keywords as you can help to rank. Wrong right off the bat, keyword stuffing is as bad as not using any keywords at all.

But on the other hand, within the first three to four paragraphs of your post, there are at least ten different ways to be able to display your keywords.

  1. Heading title
  2. URL link
  3. SEO image
  4. H1 heading title
  5. keywords in the first paragraph
  6. formatted text, bold, italics and underline
  7. H3 headings
  8. external linking
  9. internal linking
  10. Video SEO

These 10 SEO tips are great to use, but you don’t want to use them all as you will be just over-optimizing your post, and most probably will be penalized for doing so.

Just play around with them in your articles; after a while, you will work out which SEO options work best for you and your style of writing.

Sometimes You Can Ignore Keyword Metrics

ignore keyword metrics

Quite often, an article can be about the topic and ignore the keyword metrics some of the highest traffic articles out there are not optimized at all.

I say well I like this idea, so let’s just run with it, write out an article and post it and see how it goes, a lot of times they’ll not work at times you might kick a goal.

Sometimes just knowing the subject intimately gives you the edge over your rivals who are using keyword optimization SEO practices. Still, you have the advantage of knowing the topic.

Just knowing your niche inside out gives you the advantage against all of those low-quality sites out there who is just plastering up content without knowing what it means.

Just know what you are talking about, and eventually, you’ll rise through the ranks, then start to incorporate more advanced SEO marketing tips to help take your business to the next level.

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How To Get The Most From LSI Keywords

How To Get The Most From LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing or (LSI keywords) are an excellent way to optimize your site without over-optimizing.

To break it down, they are keywords that are related to your main keyword, let’s have a look at an example of this.

Main keyword: “best baseball glove.”

LSI Keywords: Wilson, Rawlings, first base, catcher, pitcher, tee-ball, best budget, best overall all of these keywords are related to the main keyword.

When Google bots are crawling your site, they are looking for these types of related keywords because they realize that they are part of the theme that you would use if you were having a conversation with friends.

Just be natural and write it like you would talk. It keeps the flow going, and it just feels more natural then if you try to force it.

What would be a couple of practical ways to use LSI keywords?

An effective way to use LSI keywords is to use them in your images; by now, you would have already used your keyword in the featured image (Tip 3). But what will you do with the other images in your post?

So now, it’s time to use LSI keywords. For this example, I’ll use my image of the baseball glove to create my LSI keywords to include in the picture.

Title: Best baseball glove

Alt-text: Rawlings Renegade 13-inch First Base Glove.

For each subsequent image, I would use another LSI keyword and keep the wording original so that it is not repetitive. You can also use them through your text, but make sure to use common sense.

Internal Linking Is Not A One-Way Street

internal linking

Most people, when they write a new post they think about where they want to link it to, hmm that post looks like an excellent place to connect it to, and so they insert the link, publish the page and forget about it.

This is the wrong way to do it, the better way to be doing this would be looking for old content that you already have that has had a chance to rank and link that back to your new material as well to so you have a two-way street.

Apart from the advantage of getting the link juice from the post that’s been on your website for a while, it also makes it easier for the Google Bots to crawl your page, and that improves indexing on your site.

A good habit of getting into would be to find an old post that is related to the one that you are writing and link from that post to your new one.

If, after a while, you are having problems remembering all of the posts that you have written, create an Excel spreadsheet with your URL links in them and categories as well this will make it easier to find a post that relates to the content you have just written.

Google Ranking Your Content? Time To Expand

google ranking your content

You’ve got some content that is ranking, and now it’s time to freshen it up and dig deeper and find other subcategories that you can write new posts for and link down to them to refresh the page and give your site more depth.

Find out what contents on your website is ranking by going into your Google Analytics account. I’m searching for ranking posts.

Your content is ranking for “best organic skincare,” but everybody has started to read it, and it is getting old. Now it is time to freshen it up with some related posts.

Let’s see what I would think of as a related post?

  • Toxin-free moisturizer
  • Serum for sensitive skin
  • Certified organic skincare products
  • Naturopathic skincare
  • Organic skincare for acne

Just by googling the keyword, I came up with five subtopics straight of the bat. Five articles you can write and then link your existing content to them and vice versa.

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Don’t Bother With Cheap “Buy This Now” Style posts

buy this now

It’s time to throw away those stupid buy keywords

  • buy chunky yogurt
  • buy your baseball glove
  • where you can buy the latest bikini

…….and on and on, every time you do a Google search for the word “buy this something now,” 99% of the time, all that comes up is a significant site selling thousands of products that you could never compete against.

You would be better of trying for the related keywords, example:

  • 15 flavors of chunky yogurt savor now
  • What baseball glove are you suited for?
  • Latest bikini fashion options

See how the keywords are relevant? That is what google is looking for instead of the word buy.

Don’t Look for The One Size Fits All SEO Tip

one size does not fit all seo tip

There is no such thing as a one size fits all magic formula tip for SEO; there are hundreds of ways of optimizing your content.

SEO is an ever-changing field. No one single SEO tip will fix everything for you, and it’s all about having the SEO options to explore to be able to optimize your site to its full potential.

Making a few errors here and there with your SEO won’t hurt your rankings that much, but as I mentioned at the start of the article, content is the King, but SEO is the Queen.

Without using ethical SEO practices to improve your optimization of the website, you will be fighting an uphill battle to get your content ranked, in a war, every single weapon in your arsenal helps.

Other people out there are ignoring SEO optimization to their own cost, don’t be one of those people who fall behind because you don’t want to do SEO.

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My Final Thoughts

The best way for your site to go forward is by doing it the right way at the start rather than later when you find out that your website is a cobbled-together mess with no structure.

Put a plan into action to build out your website using all the information in the course, and it will save you years of messing around trying to find out how to rank your content.

The fact is SEO is forever changing, and Google is always updating its algorithms, so what might work today might not work tomorrow.

This is why getting Chris Lee’s Affiliate SEO Mastery is an excellent choice because you only have to pay a onetime fee and you get access to all future training and updates as they come out.

Chris Lee puts all his work and time into this, and he uses all his practices on his website, so he practices what he preaches.

I joined up recently, and once I had gone through the course, I started to put all his practices into play and have restructured a lot of my site to get the maximum that I can squeeze out of my website.

Kevin delahaye

Hi there everyone my name is Kevin Delahaye and I am the owner of Niche Marketing Toolkit.

I will try to bring value to you with each and every post I write and hopefully have the answer to the question you were seeking.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back as soon as possible. Cheers

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  1. Great post Kevin! One thing I learned during the last two-three years of SEO-ing is that all those tips are correct and the they must be coupled with consistent and frequent publishing. I was doing so for a year and the results were skyrocketing. And then, I foolishly decided to take a month off to rest and regenerate. Guess what happened? All my efforts when down the hill. So the lessons was that SEO and content creation go hand in hand and there’s no success without one or another. Thanks for sharing these tips. I just wanted to share my experience here. I hope you don’t mind. Best of luck!

  2. Hi Kevin,

    This is a really informative article. SEO is something I have struggled to get my head around as it keeps changing every day, and what we need to do to get our websites and articles ranked. Putting the keyword at the front of the title I haven’t heard before so I will start to use that for my new articles. Would it be worth going back over my previous articles and updating the titles to put the keyword at the front?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

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