The Sellerly Review – Would It Optimize Your Amazon Sellers Account?

It’s not easy to try a tool immediately without knowing anything about it, which is why I took the time and effort to come up with this Sellerly review that I am very excited to share with you.

Without a doubt, Amazon has become a popular way of earning money these days. It could be something to supplement your present earnings, or it could also be your primary income source.

Yet, with more than 2.4 million merchants selling in Amazon, competition can be pretty tight. How do you blow them out of the water?

How can you outshine your competition and make sure you still gain profits in a marketplace with millions of merchants?

This is where Sellerly claims it can help you. But what exactly is this software? How can it help Amazon sellers who only want to grow their business? Is it worth it to pay for its monthly subscription?

In this comprehensive review, I have gathered the information you need to help you answer all these questions. Join me as I talk about this software, its cutting-edge tools, and its pros and cons.

What is Sellerly?

Are you familiar with SEMrush? It’s one of the most established digital marketing software products with around 7 million users to date. Sellerly is developed and powered by SEMrush.

Sellerly powered by SEMrush

It is a marketing software intended particularly for growth-minded Amazon sellers. SEMrush first developed this in 2008 as a free split testing tool. For thirteen years, it has already served millions of online businesses on Amazon.

This software has evolved into a complete Amazon seller toolkit with four primary tools from a simple free split testing tool.

How Much Does Sellerly Cost

Are you an Amazon seller who is curious if you should give this SEMrush-powered software a try? Let me show you how much it will cost you and what you can do with it at no extra charge.

Sellerly review, Sellerly pricing plan

Free Plan

If you have not yet decided or if budget is an issue, for now, you can opt for the free plan option. This, however, has limitations. You can use only one out of the four Amazon tools. That is the split testing tool.

From the traffic insights tool, you only have access to the ASIN external traffic overview. You can check your listings for Amazon requirements and some ASIN analysis from the listing quality check tool.

The listing protection tool is off the table in the free Plan.

This Amazon toolkit is available at a flat rate of $50 per month to enjoy all the features and benefits brought about by all four marketing tools of this software.

Does it offer a free trial?

The good news is there’s no need to fret about spending that much cash in an instant. This is because of the Sellerly 7-day free trial.

You can explore and use all the benefits of the paid Plan free of charge for seven days.

That way, you can have an educated decision of whether or not to push through with the paid plan. After seven days, you can choose to stay on or opt-out.

What are the four Amazon tools

sellerly dashboard

When you visit their website, you will immediately be greeted with its four primary tools for your Amazon business.

These are the listing protection tool, the traffic insights tool, the listing quality check tool, and the split testing tool.

All these tools go hand in hand in providing you crucial information about your Amazon business and eventually helping you make it profitable.

Sellerly Listing Protection

Sellerly listing protection

The Listing Protection tool primarily helps you secure your business through an alert system. This tool automatically monitors your keyword rankings, listing suppression, buy boxes, and prices. 

Whenever the tool detects a change in any of those aspects, it automatically sends you a notification. That way, you will know immediately if any list hijacking or suppression issue is going on.

Listing Protection - when you click Track listing issues

The suppression alerts require linking your seller account on Amazon and logging into the Amazon MWS token.

It also enables you to scout your competitors’ buy box ownerships and price changes in their products. 

With everything that you can track using the listing protection tool, you do not only secure your business. You are also able to plan your marketing campaign strategies appropriately.

So, how do you set up your Sellerly listing protection tool?

Setting up is pretty easy because of its user-friendly interface. First, you need to add a listing to begin monitoring a product. To do this, you need to enter the ASIN or the URL of the product.

You also need to enter the keywords of the products to see if they appear on the Amazon search results. 

You can add and edit the seller’s name. When you want to monitor whether your competitors’ prices meet the average cost or if they outbid you on Buy Box, you need to fill this out.

Finally, you can set up your notification alerts whether you want to receive them through SMS or email. It’s your choice.

What are the notable features of this Sellerly tool?

  • Tracking of product keyword ranking
  • Tracking of any content changes in listings
  • Tracking price changes and buy box status
  • Detecting listing hijacking activities
  • Customizing notification alerts

Sellerly Traffic Insights Tool

Sellerly Traffic insights

Like in a physical marketplace, you do not just stick to customers who are already inside the market.

To widen your reach, you need to explore other places outside the market to look for potential customers.

In Amazon, Sellerly can help you do that using its Traffic Insights tool.

This tool is intended for marketers who want to examine the most effective non-Amazon sources that can potentially drive the maximum traffic to your products’ Amazon listings.

With a simple product keyword search on Amazon, you can find the top listings you are competing against.

The tool will immediately evaluate and determine which non-Amazon traffic sources can generate the most significant impact on the purchase strategy of your shoppers.

What are referral reports? 

The Traffic Insights tool provides referral reports, which enable Amazon merchants and digital marketers to assess the traffic potential coming from external websites.

It can also pinpoint which websites could have brought potentially high traffic to your competitors’ products.

The information you get from the Referral Reports empowers you to learn and try new ideas for marketing campaigns and link-building.

How can you set up Sellerly Traffic Insights?

The traffic insights tool offers a smooth setup process with its easy-to-use interface. The first thing you need to do is add 1 to 3 listings in your traffic insights tool.

You don’t have to be the owner of the listings to be able also to include them. After all, you want to be able to spy on your competition, don’t you?

Enter the ASIN codes corresponding to your competitor’s product listings. The tools will then automatically execute an in-depth search of how the listing builds its traffic.

The Traffic insights tool will then carry out an intensive search of each listing’s traffic-building strategy automatically.

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Sellerly Listing Quality Check Tool

Sellerly Listing quality check

Have you ever experienced a time when you have to reflect upon things that have happened and assess whether or not they are how you expect them to be? 

I believe almost everyone would agree that quality is an essential aspect of any business. It is how you make sure you meet the standards so that your business can maintain a credible reputation.

Apart from that, it is how you prove to Amazon that you are compliant with their guidelines and requirements.

The Listing Quality Check tool is a comprehensive Amazon audit tool that determines if your listings meet the Amazon Guidelines and if there are any content errors. 

Then, it gives you recommendations on how you can optimize the visibility of your listings and improve your conversion rates. These strategies are derived from the wisdom shared by various Amazon experts.

How, then, do you set up Sellerly Listing Quality Check tool?

  1. First, you need to add a listing into the Listing Quality Check tool by pasting the ASIN code or the URL of the product page.
  2. After that, you already gain access to audit reports about your listing’s visibility and other marketing parameters like CTR and sales.
  3. Using the information on these reports, you can easily decide what changes you need to make on your Amazon listings.
  4. You can also access the Listing Quality Score tab to examine all your Amazon listings. You get to see the listings that were successful and unsuccessful. These scores are determined by the number of failed and successful checks you’ve done so far.

Sellerly Split Testing Tool

Sellerly split testing tool

Did you know that this last tool is the first tool ever offered by Sellerly? The Split Testing tool is best for boosting your Amazon sales through optimization and split-testing the product pages.

You only need to set it up once, and then it automatically gathers data necessary for your business’ success. This tool enables you to run multiple split tests to craft the most effective listing.

How do you set up the Sellerly Split Testing tool?

  1. The first thing you need to do is to link your Amazon account. You need your Amazon Seller ID and your MWS token to be able to do the split test.
  2. You can split test your title, price, description, and image with the Split Testing tool. You can do some tweaks and tests at this point.

Sellerly review – Pros and Cons


  • Complete toolkit – Is equipped with four powerful tools that aim to improve your Amazon selling performance.
  • Cost-efficient – paying a flat rate of $50 per month for a complete Amazon toolkit? I think that is cost-efficient.
  • Free version – for those who are still new to Amazon and do not have the budget yet, you can still try some of its benefits by using the free version.
  • Free 7-day free trial – where you can explore all the features of the toolkit for a week.
  • Customer Service – it has interactive customer service channels. You can reach them through their social media accounts and email.
  • Learning Resources – to make the most out of the toolkit, you can go to their learning resources that help its users understand the software better. You can check out their blog and training course. You can also find solutions from SEMrush Academy.


  • Limited Availability – at this time, Sellerly is only available to Amazon sellers from the US.

Overall Rating

4.5 star rating

I am giving Sellerly a rating of 4.5 out of 5 for its superb customer service, accessible training courses, innovative tools, affordable pricing plan, and user-friendly interface.

I also want to give room for improvement and consider its limited Availability as listed in the cons section.

Overall, this is a must-try software for all Amazon sellers looking to improve their traffic and sales.

Summary of Sellerly

In a nutshell, Sellerly offers complete functionality all aimed at improving your business in Amazon. It is designed for growth-minded merchants, after all.

It has a tool dedicated to secure your business listings. Another tool is meant to analyze and optimize your listings to improve your traffic and visibility.

It also has a tool that audits your listings, ensuring all of them are accurate, complete, and compliant with the Amazon guidelines.

Finally, it offers a free tool that conducts split testing to help you see what changes you need to make to ensure your listings are crafted in the best manner.

What else can you say about the developer behind this toolkit? It’s none other than one of the leading digital marketing companies in the world, SEMrush.

Another aspect that I consider essential when deciding to purchase or subscribe to a software product is their after-sales customer support.

This aspect, I believe, shows you the sincerity of the company to help you succeed in your quest. With this toolkit, they have various customer service channels that are easy to reach and quick to respond to.

The only disadvantage I found in this toolkit is its limited availability. As of this moment, it is only available to clients from the USA.

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