Missinglettr Review – Is Automated Intelligence the Real Deal?

Missinglettr Review

I understand how you can be skeptical about this app that claims to help you effectively market your content, which is why I worked hard to deliver this Missinglettr review just for you.

Social media is a powerful tool that gathers billions of people worldwide, making it a perfect place to advertise your business or blog.

But really, creating content for your blog is tedious enough. How can you even start to think of what to post on your social media pages?

What’s more challenging is that you have to post engaging content regularly to establish your online presence.

Here you go, staring at a blank space, still thinking about what to write about, when to post, how to make it engaging, and so on.

Yes, you are wasting all that time, your precious time, which could be better spent taking care of your business.

This is where Missinglettr comes in. People at Missinglettr say they can help you with your social media content saving you so much time along the way.

Is Missinglettr worth its price? Or would you end up feeling like you’re “missing” something?

Stay with me as I run through this Missinglettr review, its pricing plans, features, pros, and cons.

What is Missinglettr All About?

Missinglettr is a social media posting tool first launched in 2015 by Benjamin Dell. It helps you convert the contents of your blog into captivating social media posts.

Social media platforms

At the moment missingltr works on these platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
social media platforms

This tool sits in the background until it detects your content being published. Its artificial intelligence reads your blog post and identifies the essential parts of the post.

It automatically creates and schedules social media posts for the following year.

The first page you face when you sign up.

Sign up page, missinglettr review

Pricing plans

This is a crucial question many of you may want to ask. After all, the answer to this could be one of the deciding factors for most people.

How much does Missinglettr cost?

This app is available in three different plans. You can choose whichever you think suits both your needs and your budget, which you can cancel at any time.

Here are the three different pricing plans of Missingletter:

missinglettr review, pricing plan

Free plan

This plan is perfect for solo entrepreneurs who are just starting their business and cannot afford to pay for a premium plan yet.

Individuals, who are not necessarily business owners but want to build their blog’s social media presence, can also benefit from this free plan.

The free plan comes with basic features such as direct post scheduling and automated campaigns for a single social profile.

It is also limited to just one workspace and 50 scheduled posts per month. Not bad for a starter, right?

Solo plan

For a small monthly cost of $19, you can automate your social media marketing efforts to up to 500 scheduled posts per month.

With the Solo plan, you can create one workspace, just like what the Free plan users can.

Yet, instead of just one social profile, the Solo plan allows you to have up to three social profiles and one extra user. It also offers more features than the free plan.

If you’re not sure yet if this is the right plan for you, you can use their free trial, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a solo plan for 14 days.

On the other hand, if you are already sure this is the best plan for your social media, you can pay for the entire year for only $190. That’s worth two months of savings.

Pro plan

This plan lets you work on three workspaces and nine social profiles. You can even schedule up to 3000 posts per month, and there’s no limit as to the number of people who can use the subscription.

All the users can utilize the complete list of features of Missinglettr.

Since it offers more, it also costs more than the Solo version. The Pro plan costs $59 per month. If you want to save more money, you can choose to pay $590 yearly instead.

Like the Solo plan, the Pro plan also offers a 14-day free trial period that you can cancel whenever you want.

This way, you can explore this paid version’s features and find out if this is the right one for you.

Key features

Automatic social media campaigns 

With Missinglettr, you can automatically create good-for-twelve-months social media posts from your blog content. It even ensures the posts are engaging and in line with your branding.

While its AI-supported system spreads out your scheduled posts evenly throughout the year, you don’t have to worry because it does not post anything without your approval.

missinglettr review, automatic posting

Hashtag suggestions 

You certainly noticed a lot of social media posts contain this label. Hashtags are used to easily access information on a specific topic, theme, or event.

You can readily generate hashtags that are relevant to your posts when using Missinglettr. Of course, you still have the final say by editing and approving their hashtag suggestions.

You can also add default hashtags for all your posts or disable this feature all in all if you prefer not to use hashtags.

Content selection

Missinglettr analyzes your blog post and selects some quotes from it that can be engaging when posted on social media. Yes, their AI-supported tool will think for you.

Despite being automated, you can still use your creativity manually by editing templates to fit your branding and style.

Schedule templates 

By default, your social media campaign for each blog post is worth twelve months. But if you prefer, you can also tweak the schedule by changing the campaign duration, the number of posts, and the distribution.

schedule template

Optimized graphics 

Choosing appealing graphics and images for social media is important. Determining the right image size is also equally important.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms show different sizes of images on their feeds. Creating different sizes for the same image is time-consuming.

With Missinglettr, you can automatically get properly optimized images for every social media platform.

Guest post promotion

If you have written a guest post for another website, you can promote it too using Missinglettr.

All you need to do is add the guest post’s link and take care of the rest. Again, you can edit and approve before they share anything.

Medium repurposing

Did you know that Medium is a popular publishing platform? Isn’t it amazing if your posts are also automatically republished there for added visibility without endangering your SEO efforts?

You only need to register and connect your Medium account with Missinglettr.

Medium repurposing

Branding consideration

You don’t have to be concerned about keeping your branding consistent in your posts. Missinglettr takes this into account when automatically creating images for your social media.

As always, you still retain creative control in the end.

Branding consideration

URL shortening

Shortened URLs make it a lot easier for your audience to visit your website, especially when social media clicks. With Missinglettr’s URL shortener, you can even customize the URL for quick recall.

You can select from several supported providers such as Short.CM, bit.ly, PixelMe, replug, JotURL, and lttr.


ROI and analytics 

With this feature, you can see the overall performance of your social media campaign. You can access reports and analytics to track if your campaigns are doing well or not.

When Missinglettr publishes content for you, it is immediately being monitored for clicks.

ROI and analytics

What’s not included in the plan

Do you have anything in mind that you think is missing in the three different plans that Missinglettr offers?

Well, some extra capabilities are not built-in with your free or paid plan by default.

These are the add-ons that may add value to your time and social media performance. Yet, if you are willing to pay extra, you can use these add-ons.


This robust add-on enables you to widen your reach by sharing unlimited posts and getting these contents shared by like-minded people.

You can promote up to ten posts per month for an additional fee of $49 per month.


As the name suggests, this add-on is ideal for agencies with several clients and need to share or promote up to 100,000 posts per month.

You can get this add-on for $147 per month on top of your plan subscription fee.

Pros and Cons


  • It saves you a lot of time and effort.
  • It creates and designs content for you.
  • It automatically detects your newly published blog posts.
  • It analyzes your blog post for you and chooses the most memorable quotes.
  • It allows you to review and make changes to the posts before they are published.
  • It gives you the option to adjust how the posts are scheduled.
  • It keeps branding in mind when creating posts by using your brand color.
  • It does not post anything without your approval. You still retain the final creative control.
  • It offers a free trial period for you to go over the paid plans.
  • It has a free subscription plan for those who do not have the budget to pay for premium plans.
  • It is easy to learn how to use this tool, mainly because it offers free training and webinars.
  • It helps maintain your social media presence without you lifting a finger.


  • Its analytics is not comprehensive enough. It needs to be polished.
  • Its hashtag recommendations are not always well researched. You might need to review each of them.
  • It has too many features lacking in its Solo plan, even if it is already a paid plan. You might consider getting the Pro plan later on.

My rating from 0 – 5 stars

4 star rating

After thoroughly conducting this Missinglettr review, I give this tool a rating of 4 out of 5. It provides value not only to your social media presence but also to your time.

But, I also want to give room for improvements, especially I could still list some downsides of this tool. All in all, Missinglettr is the kind of tool you would want to have.

If you still want help, here is a list of things to help you decide if Missinglettr is a go or a no for you.

It’s a GO if:

  • You want to focus on operating and managing your business.
  • You are preoccupied with a lot of things to do, whether personal or business.
  • You can’t spare any more time for writing social media content and designing its images.
  • You are handling a lot of social media profiles and pages.
  • You are looking for a tool with comprehensive social media marketing features.
  • You are a marketer managing several brands.
  • You understand the importance of social media reputation and visibility.

It’s a NO if:

  • You have a lot of time on your plate to do all marketing steps on your own manually.
  • You are willing to pay more to hire a social media marketing specialist.
  • You find other similar Missinglettr alternatives with a lower price that could give you a similar result.
  • You do not like the user interface of Missinglettr for any reason.

Missinglettr Review Summary

Now, while you are staring at your blank social media space, would you still want to waste a lot of time, effort, and creative juices to think of what to post to help you establish your online visibility?

It must be hard to say yes to that, especially when there are tools you can use to help you do the thinking, the analyzing, the designing, the scheduling, and the posting for you.

While Missinglettr does sound like an excellent and valuable social media marketing platform that offers a wide array of features, is it worth your money to spend on a subscription?

The good thing about this is that you can try the paid subscription first for 14 days to decide if it’s a go for you.

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