Long Tail Pro Review 2021. Are The Features Up To Scratch?

It is essential to find the right research tools to create the long-tail keywords for you to use in this Long Tail Pro review.

It is always hard to find the right mixture of keywords to attract readers and rank higher in the search engines so in this Long Tail Pro review

The best way to help your ranking is to consistently use low competition long-tail keywords in your content to get the jump on your competition.

I will cover the use of all the features that are available and the pros and cons of each. By the end of this, you will have a better idea of whether Long Tail Pro is suitable for your particular use.

What Is Long Tail Pro All About?

So, what is it all about? Everybody talks about Long Tail Keywords, but most marketers wouldn’t even know how to use them effectively.

Long Tail Pro is designed to help you quickly do SEO keyword research to find low competition keywords in 3-4 or more words for maximum exposure.

But why shouldn’t I sprinkle my article with 1-2 word seed keywords, you say? Simple, it is because that is what everybody else is doing. 

You have to be smarter than the rest of the competition and find the low-hanging fruit that nobody else is using, and that is where long-tail keywords come into play. 

LTP is designed to find as many low competition long tail keywords out there to help you rank your articles easier.

Long Tail Pro Platform Features

  • Keyword research – Type in your keyword and get up to 400 results per keyword.
  • SERP analysis – Will give you a detailed breakdown of keyword volume and keyword competitiveness. 
  • Rank tracker – Track your keyword rankings on your website.
  • Backlink analysis – Track your competitor’s backlinks so that you can adapt your strategy.


The main dashboard is relatively straightforward, and all of the platform features and your general information are accessible from there.

long tail pro dashboard, 
Long Tail Pro Review

Keyword research

Let’s start with the most basic of all the features and one that everybody wants to know about, and that is the keyword research tool.

There is one problem with the keyword research tool that is a pain in the ass, and you would think that their tech guys could quickly fix it. 

If you search for different keywords separately, it doesn’t delete the previous search, so they are all lumped together.

So if you searched for apples and another for beers, they are all mixed together, but there is a way around it.

Keyword research list creation

You can create a list name just as I have done below and then research your keyword and then save it to that specific group, and the good thing is you can access it and download the file if you want to.

Keyword list name,
Long Tail Pro Review

So follow these steps to set up a basic keyword search.

  • If you want to save for future use, create a list name and save.
  • Type in your seed keyword; you can type in 5 keywords per search, each with a total volume of 400 searches per keyword.

Choose what settings you want, do just a basic search, or set up an advanced search, choose how many keywords search phrases, and the minimum monthly searches.

There is also an additional filter set up you can set up to filter out the high competition keywords, but I can’t work out how to use it. 

Click the retrieve button and let the list populate with all of those lovely low competition keywords.

Keyword difficulty

  • 25 < easy competitive long-tail keywords
  • 30 < Medium – hard competitive long-tail keywords
  • 30 > Hard to rank competitive long-tail keywords
target keyword competitiveness

As you see below, I have sorted the list from lowest to highest in the rank of keyword difficulty. Long Tail Pro recommends anything over 30 as not worth pursuing.

keyword list

If you want more options for the keywords in your list, click on the +20 button, and AdWords will attempt to pull twenty more, great for finding hidden keywords.

Overall I found the keyword search tool very easy to use once I found out how to sort out the merging of different keyword searches.

SERP Analysis

Let’s continue our tour with Longtail SERP analysis; first off, let’s put a keyword into the field and retrieve the relevant information. 

SERP analysis dashboard

The first two metrics of the bat give the basic overview at a glance.

  • Average keyword monthly volume
  • Strongest competitor & ranking
serp dashboard

Once you scroll down, you will have a massive amount of data to search for all the information you need. 

All of your competitor’s information is yours to do with as you want. The fields cover the full spectrum of metrics that you will ever need.

A lot of the information can overwhelm you when you first bring it all up but ignore the metrics you don’t understand and use the metrics you know.

The large range of available metrics for your use, so as you move forward, learn to use them all as it will improve your overall performance.

This is your overall quick glance at the strength of your competitors website.

Keyword competitive ranking

  • Red – High ranking domains
  • Orange – Medium ranking domains
  • Green – Easy ranking domains
serp competition analysis
  • KC – The keyword competitive ranking from 0 – 100
  • Domain KC – The domain keyword competitive ranking from 0 – 100
  • Trust flow – The URL link quality, the higher the score, the more trust
  • Citation flow – The number of sites that link to it.
  • Domain trust factor – Measures the quality of a link to a domain.
  • Domain citation factor – Measures the quality of domains that link back.
  • External Backlinks – The number of external backlinks to the page.
  • Page Referal Domains – The number of unique domains referring back to the page,
  • Root Referal domains – The number of domains referring back to the root domain.
  • Indexed URLs – The number of domains that belong to the URL.
  • Internal links – The number of internal links from a particular page to others.
  • Site age – The older the site, the more trust it has

Finding the right long-tail keywords can be a difficult task, but in the end, it will be worth it as you will get the jump on a lot of your competition.

Rank tracker

Rank tracker is an excellent way of following your keywords’ overall performance on your domain pages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

Create a file name for the project and then save it.

 Now that it is done, it is time to add your keywords, and you can add up to 200 keywords to a project so your site can be a work in progress. 

insert keyword rank tracker

Insert your website URL, choose what search engine to use, and your search location, then hit the add button.

The program will then search your website for the keywords and track them daily. You can check on the performance and then see if you can do anything to improve the performance if it isn’t doing well.

rank tracker

Long Tail Pro Backlink analysis

Backlink plan cost

Backlinks analysis is an excellent tool for spying on your competitor’s website and looking at their backlinks. You can also put in a particular URL to narrow down on a specific page.

It is also great for using your site to check on your backlinks to see if they are still active or have been deleted.

Backlink Metrics

  • Source trust flow
  • Source citation flow
  • Target URL trust flow
  • External links
  • Target URL
  • Anchor text
  • Indexed – Last seen – Date lost

Using all of these metrics, you can check on the strength of your site or your competitors. Using this tool, you can start to build your outreach link-building strategy.

Pros & Cons


  • Bulk keyword suggestions – You can add five keywords at a time and get 400 searches on each keyword.
  • Keyword competitive score – being able to get a score between 0 – 100 for each keyword lets you drill down deep
  • Serps competitor analysis – This tool is excellent for working out whether you can rank above your competition.
  • Rank tracker – this tool is easy to use and understand.
  • Backlink analysis – The tool is easy to use and is excellent for analyzing website strengths and weaknesses.


  • You need to create individual folders in a keyword search, or the suggestions get bunched together.
  • Could be some more room for an extra daily keyword quota on the plan
  • The advanced keyword filter is a little hit or miss on whether it works or not.
  • Have to sign up for the backlink analysis plan as a stand-alone product.
  • Support for Long Tail Pro is not very good and can have long wait periods.

Long Tail Pro Rating

4 star rating

Long Tail Pro Review Summary

So there you have my review on Long Tail Pro in a nutshell. SEO tools are an essential part of being an online marketer.

I went and tried all the features one by one to see how I could use them in conjunction with my website SEO efforts.

Apart from a couple of hiccups that I mentioned above, I found the platform and the tools very easy to use compared to some other SEO platforms out there.

I wouldn’t say I liked that to use the backlinks analysis tool, and you had to sign up for it separately. For the cost of the plan, it should be part of the package.

My overall opinion of Long Tail Pro is that it is a good tool for its price point. It does have some weaknesses that they could work on, but apart from that, the tools were easy to use.

There are better tools out there with a lot more information like Ahrefs and SEMrush, but they do cost a lot more and are more suited for larger businesses.

This tool is excellent for the solopreneur who is on a limited budget. It has everything you need for a small business. I hope this all helped.

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