Top 10 Jewelry Affiliate Programs

Jewelry Affiliate ProgramsIs It Too Late to Jump on Board?

You’re probably wondering is it too late to get in as an affiliate in the jewelry industry. The jewelry industry is a vast market that is growing all the time, so I thought I would take you through 10 of the best jewelry affiliate programs out there in the industry at the moment. 

Jewelry is the currency that people use to make themselves feel good about themselves. Whether you give them as a gift, something to make you feel better, or as an investment, there is a never-ending choice for what you can do as an affiliate in the jewelry market.  

In 2020, the jewelry industry market was worth $230 billion and is expected to grow to $252 Billion by 2025. 

A lot of affiliates don’t realize in the jewelry industry that there is a lot of sub Niches that you can drill down into to make your website unique.

  • Watches
  • Custom rings
  • Gemstones
  • Recycled & environmentally friendly jewelry
  • Dedicated children’s jewelry

Top 10 Jewelry Affiliate Programs

  • Rockford Collection
  • My Trio Rings
  • Blue Nile
  • S Force Watches
  • Littman Jewelers
  • Amazon
  • From War to Peace
  • Angara
  • Zales
  • PR Jewel

Rockford Collection Affiliate Program

Rockford Collection, Jewelry Affiliate Programs
  • Affiliate Commission Rate – 10% per sale
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days

Rockford collection is leading the way in America in the design of men’s custom wedding bands.

 All wedding bands are hand-created by a fully qualified jewelry specialist. Each ring is made from 100% gold, platinum, and diamonds.

Rockford Collection has an extensive range of unique rings for you to choose from, or you can choose to have your ring custom made.

Their company motto is 

“When they want something boring, we send them packing elsewhere. We are not for the average man, and nor will we ever be.

With the average sales going at over $2000, this would be a very lucrative program with whom to align yourself.

My Trio Rings Affiliate Program

my trio rings affiliate program
  • Commission rate – 5% per sale
  • Cookie duration – 180 days

My Trio Rings is a retailer specialized just in the sale of high-quality gold and diamond rings with a very competitive pricing structure for all the rings which will appeal to the average buyer. 

The extensive range of rings will appeal to all parts of the wedding niche with trio rings and same-sex marriage rings included in their product range.

Their innovative use of a free ring sizer sent in the mail to all the customers makes it a big drawcard in grabbing the consumer’s attention.

Unlike their competitors, My Trio Rings offer complimentary resizing for all purchases.

If you are going to specialize in the ring niche, think about combining My Trio Rings with the Rockford Collection to get your website to the top of the ranks.

Blue Nile Affiliate Program

blue nile, Jewelry Affiliate Programs
  • Commission Rate – 5% per sale
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days

Blue Nile is the largest online dealer of Fine Jewellery and diamonds in the world. Since the year 2000, they have been Forbes’s favorite online jeweler.

Blue Nile has 150,000 of the world’s highest quality diamonds tested in the marketplace’s most stringent quality standards.

Because they’re aggressive marketing model, they can pass on considerable savings to their customers. All of the jewelry comes with a 30-day returns policy and free shipping.

 If you were an affiliate concentrating on the wedding ring niche, this would be an excellent complementary program to go alongside the Rockford collection.

 Combining the two affiliate programs would give you a powerful website presence in the wedding ring niche.

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S-Force Watches Affiliate Program

s force watches affiliate program
  • Commission rate – 20% per sale
  • Cookie duration – 30 day

Whether you’re a man or a woman S Force Watches are made for the alpha larger-than-life social influencer niche.

From athletes to divers to rock wall climbing, these rugged, high-quality watches are meant to be highly fashionable yet durable for any type of everyday use. 

And the great thing about these watches is that you don’t have to be a Millionaire to buy one with prices for the watches starting at $180.S Force Watches would be a good affiliate program for adding to your regular jewelry site as a specialty niche.

Littman Jewelers Affiliate Program

littman jewelers affiliate program
  • Commission rate – 7% per sale
  • Cookie duration – 30 days

Littman Jewelers is one of the oldest and largest jewelry companies in America today; they currently own 300+ stores. 

Littman Jewelers are one of the most well-respected and trusted jewelry retailers in the USA.

 Their extensive range of jewelry will give you a lot of choices to design your website layout.

The Littman Jewelry categories include gemstone fashions, wedding and engagement rings, brand-name watches, and men’s accessories.

The children’s jewelry category is very impressive; you could set this up as a dedicated niche just for children’s jewelry if that is the way you were inclined. 

Because they are such a well-respected brand, you won’t have any problems with promoting their lines.

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Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon affiliate, Jewelry Affiliate Programs
  • Commission Rate – 4% per sale
  • Cookie Duration – 1 day

And again, leading the list is the Amazon affiliate program. If they don’t have products in a particular niche, that niche does not exist.

 I’ve put Amazon in here more for the beginner in affiliate marketing because it is so newbie friendly and can help them get off to a start. 

The advantage that Amazon has is that everybody knows and can trust their product range.

Amazon has an extensive range of jewellery products in every type of sub-niche that you are after. But their commission rates and cookie durations leave a lot to be desired.

Because of the ease of use, newbie affiliates will find it very easy to work with this platform to build up their initial website base.

For the advanced marketer, the Amazon affiliate program is just not worth following up.  

I would recommend looking at joining up with individual Affiliate programs as you would have the experience to optimize your website.

From War to Peace Affiliate Program

from war to peace affiliate program,
Jewelry Affiliate Programs
  • Commission rate –  20% per sale
  • Cookie duration – unlimited

If you were after an affiliate program with something from left-field, you should check out the from war to peace website. 

All their jewelry is created from recycled copper from disarmed nuclear missiles, and they produce very fashionable jewelry at affordable prices. 

Their signature piece, is called the Peace Bronze. They also sell an extensive range of other jewelry in earrings, bracelets, and more. 

They are an environmentally friendly program, and they donate 20% of their profits to peaceable charities.

Angara Affiliate Program

angara affiliate program
  • Commission rate – Up to 10% per sale
  • Cookie duration – 30 days

Are gemstones your passion? If they are, Angara is where you should be going to check out the extensive range of gemstones available.

 Angara specializes in emerald, sapphires, tanzanites, diamonds, rubies, and other gemstone jewelry. 

Angara Has over 7000 products for you to choose from. These include wedding and engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

The website is well set up to choose your accessories by gemstone selection which makes it simpler to navigate the site.

The average order size is $1,100, so this can make for a very profitable venture.

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Zales Affiliate Program

zales affiliate program
  • Commission rate – 6% Per sale
  • Cookie duration – 7 days

When you think about weddings, Zales quickly comes to mind. They were founded in Texas, and their reputation quickly spread. jewelry

they offer top-quality merchandise at a very reasonable price that consumers can afford. 

They have an extensive range of jewelry in all types, and they also specialize in a children’s range as well.

Are you thinking about jewelry for a wedding niche, then Zales might be the way for you to go.

PR JEWEL Affiliate Program

PR Jewel affiliate program
  • Commission rate – 20% per sale
  • Cookie duration – 30 days

PR Jewel Is a wholesale Trading Company that specializes in sterling silver jewelry.

PR Jewel guarantees all its jewelry to be 100% genuine sterling silver with any of the jewelry pieces you buy. 

Because of their pricing structure, the jewelry has a high turnover rate which is good for you with their generous affiliate commission structure.

fivver affiliate program

Summary of Jewelry Affiliate Programs

So there you have it, there is my list of jewelry affiliate programs for you to think about.

The jewelry niche is a highly profitable niche to get into; when you choose your niche, don’t try just to follow the crowd.

Create your unique sub-niche and drill down on it. For example, most of the herd just go down the generic jewelry path.

Instead, look at some specialty niches such as wedding rings, custom designer watches, or men’s only jewelry to get out of the mainstream.

The Best Way to Promote Your Niche

These affiliate programs are an excellent way for you to start in the online market, but the question is do you know how to optimize your site for maximum impact?

You will need to create relevant content consistently to be able to market the products on your website. 

Creating content and knowing how to promote an affiliate niche can be a lot of guesswork unless you know how to do it.

You need a solid training program on how to build your site up from scratch the right way.

When I started on my recommended training program, it all turned as I focused on what I could use to turn my life around. 

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