Instapage Landing Pages Review

Instapage landing pages review

Have you been looking for a high-quality landing page Platform? Then you need to read about the benefits in my Instapage landing pages review

When it comes to leading the way with the variety of tools on one platform to create your landing pages, Instapage leads the way.

With that being said can Instapage be able to live up to its high entry point pricing plan. So let’s go through the products one at a time.

The Major Tools of Instapage

  • Landing Page Builder – How to create high-quality landing pages using the landing page editor.
  • Landing Page Builder – How to create high-quality landing pages using the landing page editor.
  • InstaBlocks – How to create individual blocks that you can be used over and over again.
  • Admaps – Connect up your google ads account to personalize your ads with your landing pages.
  • Experimentation – Creating A/B split testing, heatmaps, and analytics to test your pages over time.

I have signed myself up for the 14-Day free trial to try each tool first hand and see how each tool works and what I think of each.

Instapage Landing Pages Product Overview

Instapage is hosted on the cloud and includes all the tools required to create your landing pages.

You don’t require any coding experience to create a landing page on Instapage. All of the templates ready-made and easy to rearrange.

With the assortment of products that Instapage has, their platform can build the most basic lead page to the more advanced landing platforms options.

No matter the category of landing page you are making, analytics, split testing, and heat map functionality significantly improves conversions.

Whether or not you already have a website or online presence, Instapage makes it possible to produce conversion-focused landing pages.

 Creating the edge to help you generate more leads, sell more products or elicit some other action from your visitors.

Here are a few reasons you might want to use this landing page builder as your landing page platform of choice.

  • 80 + Pre-made landing page builder templates – High quality and easily customizable landing page templates for you to choose from.
  • Efficient form builder – The form builder is a very easy to use tool that makes it great to customize your page.
  • Wide variety of widgets to choose from – The landing page builder has a good variety of options to choose from for use on your page.
  • Efficient tracking and reporting – with A/B split testing, heatmaps, and analytics, it is easy to keep on top of your stats and adjust your pages.
  • Third-party integration options – Integrates seamlessly with third-party options.
  • Self-hosted platform – Don’t want to use your website to host your landing pages? That’s okay; you can host them all on Instapage.

Instapage Landing Pages Builder

When you first open your account, it will ask you to build a landing page, and so I obliged and went and chose a special promotion template.

As you can see there are a lot of categories you can choose from and all of the pages are of high quality. You can also browse through them and use templates from other categories.

I think that my first thought when I browsed through them all was that InstaPage could have a lot more of a range of templates for the price that you pay per month.

Instapage Landing Pages Builder

I found that moving the text boxes and the image boxes was very user friendly. The boxes also have alignment tools so that you can line them up with other boxes.

While I was making the page I discovered that all of the page elements were easily accessible, other landing page creators I have tried can be harder to find the elements.

Instapage landing pages builder

The elements are setup into three categories on page widgets, page button controls and pages elements if you want to add some coding of your own.

Page widgets – This is where you choose all the options that you want to add to your page just drag and drop onto the page where you need it.

Page elements – If you are comfortable with coding this is where you can edit your landing page Javascript and HTML code and history.

In all, I was impressed with the ease of use and the simplicity of the page builder editor; all the widgets are easily accessible.


I liked this feature when I took it for a run. Click on the box that you wish to convert, and then choose the InstaBlock tool from the left-hand menu and click on it to create your block.

Give the block a name and then save it; you can also choose to keep them in individual folders if you wish to do so.


To insert a block, open up the block menu, choose the block you want, and then click onto the block to insert onto the page.

When you click on the box a preview will show so you can examine the box in detail in both laptop and mobile versions.


Admap works in conjunction with google ads to bring all of your google ad campaigns into the Instapage Admap feature.


Main goals of Admap

  • Streamlined ad campaign organization – Manage your campaigns more effectively by bringing all of your campaign ads and related post-click landing pages onto the Instapage platform.
  • More personalized ads – Get an insight into which campaign ads need personalizing and connect landing pages to each ad.
  • Increasing your ROI – With all of the ads being micro-managed in one area will eventually lead to fewer costs per ad and increased revenue.

By doing this you can easily work on your campaigns in one area and be able to manage and change all of your ads in Instapage.

Working together with Post click dashboard Admap is designed to help you take your active campaigns to a target audience through a fully personalized funnel.

Experimentation Setup

A/B Split Test Versions

I then created two basic versions of the landing page, and I just kept it simple as I could and replaced the dummy text with a promo for some fictional brand headphones.

When I created the A/B split version, I changed the text color, changed the image for my website logo, and changed the button colors.

 Instapage landing pages review

There are three way of creating images for your landing page they include using their free images, importing from your computer or inserting the image from a url.

All of your images can be sorted into folder to make it easier in the future to find the particular image you are after.

Inserting images from my computer was easy to do and the changing of text and button colors.

Landing Page Goals

To create a successful landing page you have to know what goals you want to achieve from your landing page.

conversion goals

Conversion goals – With a conversion goal, you choose what options you would like to track. You can only choose one option either internal or external tracking.

Integrations – Now you go into each tab and put in all the information to track from each source. Marketing tags and pixels, form integrations, and whether or not you wish to have an email sent to you for each lead.

Search & GDPR – Most countries prefer landing pages and other media to be GDPR compliant. You can enable this option if you wish.

Search & social – Allows you to connect up to Facebook and Linkedin social media channels and change how you want the landing page to appear on social media and Google search.

You can also edit the metadata for platform such as Twitter, Facebook and search engines.

Landing page comments

Are you working with a team or you need your clients feedback before you can move on to the next stage?

With the comment feature you click on the comment button on your landing page it will then take you to another tab where you click on the page and write a comment and then share it.

comment and share

When click on the share button it generates a URL that you can send for your team and client to reply on the comment.

Publish the page

Alright your client is happy, your team is happy so it is time to launch this puppy into the internet world.

Click on the landing page that you want to publish and click publish experience and now it is live and ready to go.

publish page


The heatmaps analysis feature is easily turned on in the editor while you are building the page or in the analytics tab.

The heatmaps track three different types of functionality, this will help you gain a better understanding of where your visitors spend the most time so you can fine-tune your landing pages.

The three elements are:

  • Scroll depth – Find out when people stop scrolling down so that you can make adjustments to the landing page to compensate.
  • Clicks – Discover what elements the user is clicking on your page so you can optimize the page taking that information into account.
  • Mouse Movement – Gives you an insight as to where the user moves their mouse over the page.

By using all the information gathered from these three analytic tools you can then optimize your landing page split tests taking into account all the information gathered.

Create experiment

Once you have created and finalized all the details in your A/B split test and put all the relevant information in you are then ready to run your experiment.

Go to the experiment tab and create your experiment it will ask you to name your experiment and your hypothesis for the experiment.

Choose the landing pages you wish to test and split testing evenly amongst all versions. ie: three versions 33% for each must total 100% and then create experiment.

Analytics dashboard

Access your analytics dashboard on the left-hand side or click on the dots on the right-hand side. Once you are there you can check the statistics on your landing page.

Experience Overview section shows the general information about your experience: Conversions, conversion rates, and visitors.

The Performance graph lets you evaluate information about conversions, visits, and bounce rate. (people who navigate away without converting)

With all the information from all of the above experimentation sources, you can optimize your landing pages to the next level and then even experiment further to drill down even more.

Instapage Landing Pages Plan Pricing

pricing plan

There are two options with the Instapage pricing plan that we are talking about today. It covers all of the products we have discussed and quite a few we couldnt fit in.

That is the Business Optimizing plan most people who come to Instapage would choose this option. it comes as a monthly fee of $199 or an annual fee of $149 per month

This is the perfect plan to sign up for if you have a small business or you are working as part of a team on multiple projects.

There is also the Converting Enterprise plan. This plan includes everything in the Business plan as well as below.

This is a custom plan that you have to contact Instapage directly to sort out the plan cost.

The plan is designed for big business and large teams doing a lot of big projects that need a lot more professional experience.

landing page tools

Instapage landing pages Pros & Cons


  • High quality landing page builder – Instapage advertises it as a dedicated landing page builder that does everything. You would be struggling to find anything better out in the marketplace.
  • Quality landing page templates – Instapage have built the best out templates to work with and you have a good range to choose from.
  • Landing page editor – It is so easy to bring your projects to life in this editor whether you are building from scratch or using a template. You just drop and drag and the editor does the hard work for you.
  • Collaboration tool – This is great for people who are working in a team environment or need client approval before moving ahead being able to share comments is a life saver.


  • For the price that the platform costs there could be a few more template, this is more a nit pick than anything else.
  • An extra plan with fewer of the features mentioned in the professional plan would get a few more people from the affiliate marketers community interested.

My Instapages Summary

What can I say? I went through the tools one at a time trying them all out and found very little that I could complain about.

The dashboard is easy to navigate, the landing page builder is simplicity in itself to use and build a split-testing version as well

The variety of tools to use to use to setup for the experiment is amazing and creating the experiment was the push of a button.

The analytics dashboard was a little confusing for me as I am not the best at analyzing at the best of times but it was all set out well and easy to read.

The answer to my question up the top. Does the Instapage landing page plan merit the price plan – Yes it does!

Who would I Recommend to use Instapage

Would I use the Instapage landing page platform? I wouldn’t use it until a very long time in the future if at all as the cost would outweigh the benefits.

I would recommend that all affiliate marketers steer away from this product, Instapage needs a basic plan to interest the affiliate marketing target audience.

Instapage is designed for small businesses that have a team working with them as a minimum step in point to be able to absorb the cost of joining.

Check out my post for my full range of Recommended Landing Page Builders

Kevin delahaye

Hi there everyone my name is Kevin Delahaye and I am the owner of Niche Marketing Toolkit.

I will try to bring value to you with each and every post I write and hopefully have the answer to the question you were seeking.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back as soon as possible. Cheers

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  1. Thanks for this very detailed review and overview. I like that they have 80 plus pages or templates, that is really great. I have been using aweber and they only have a few, but they have been working for now.

    I also liked that you could split test pages, that is very important with internet marketing, fine tuning your results and conversions even a little bit can make a big difference.

    However I am with you on the price, can’t justify it when there are other tools out there that do the same thing at a more reasonable cost.


  2. I looked at Instapages a while ago, but as an affiliate marketer working solo, the plans wouldn’t be worthwhile. I joined Getresponse instead, and found they have all the tools needed to build a decent landing page. However, Instapages do have some great features such as heatmaps and admaps. It’s definitely worth considering though if you build landing pages for clients.

    • I use GetResponse as well. If you want heat maps for use go to and join
      they specialize in heatmaps that can be used on landing pages and websites and
      the price is very cheap.
      Hope this helps.

  3. Wow! I have never heard of such an extensive landing page builder. I especially love the heatmap feature, it really allows you to see where your readers click on and even move their mouse to. I’m impressed!
    Can I link Instapage to the email marketing platform I’m using, like GetResponse for example?

    • You can link your email list from GetResponse to Instapage if you want.
      But if you are in GetResponse as I am they already have a landing page creator to use
      and if you want heatmaps just go to you can connect them to your
      landing pages or to your website as well. Hope this helps


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