How To Hire a Virtual Assistant Online

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Online

So today I am going to give you an insight into how to hire a virtual assistant.

When you take on the services of a Virtual Assistant, there are a variety of ways you can make sure that your experience is mutually beneficial to you both.

Because one of the first things you learn is that if you and your VA need to be on the same page so that it a positive experience for both of you.

When you hire a Virtual Assistant, it isn’t like hiring a full-time employee; it is more like a reciprocally beneficial arrangement for your business and your Virtual Assistant so that they can provide their services and experience for you to draw upon.

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Understand Your Business Needs Fully

Before you hire a Virtual Assistant, be sure that you are sure what you need from your VA so that they can fulfill your requirements. If you aren’t sure, sit down with paper and pen and write down everything that you need.

Virtual Assistants will be great for your business, but they all have different specialty fields, after all, you couldn’t ask a content writer to do a spreadsheet setup or vice versa, could you?

Some of them can do a variety of tasks but talk with your VA before you hire them. Sometimes if you need a specialty task done, it is better to reassign that to another Virtual assistant who is qualified for that task.

If you have a full understanding of your business structure and all that entails, it will make it easier for you to work out what type of Virtual Assistant you need.

Keep Clear Communications Between Yourself & Your VA

You don’t need to micromanage your Virtual Assistant as long as you keep clear communication on how your business needs are to be met.

As long as you are open and clear about what is needed from your Virtual Assistant, you will both run like a well-oiled machine.

This also works both ways, for a VA to be successful, he must always be respectful with lines of communication between his various clients.

Pre-established deadlines and time frames that your Virtual Assistant agrees to when he takes on your work is the benchmark to the success of his reputation.

Here is a big tip that a lot of people take on a Virtual Assistant don’t realize; your VA is not a mind reader. They can’t do what you never told them in the first place.

It will only be detrimental to your communications between the 2 of you. Fix this, and all will be better in the long run.

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Learn to be Flexible

Earlier on, I mentioned that hiring a Virtual Assistant is not the same thing as hiring an employee for your business.

All Virtual Assistants will have a variety of clients that they also work for, and they could also be in a different time zone to you as well.

When you are awake, they could be asleep. They have their hours that might not coincide with yours. It all depends on the contract you have with your Virtual Assistant, if you have an arrangement to be on call at a specific time, then they have to be ready.

You can’t expect them to drop everything and be there at your beck and call.

Over time you will build up a good relationship with your Virtual Assistant, and they will be worth their weight in gold. But if you mistreat your VA, such as consistently giving them jobs to do with no notice or realistic time-frame, things will come to a screeching halt very quickly, and it isn’t good for both sides involved.

Lastly Enjoy Yourself

Never forget that the VA, on the other end, is a human being and not some robot! Remember to laugh with them. If you know their birthday wishes them well, all these little things will reinforce the bond between you. You are both on the same track trying to grow your businesses in your ways.

Life’s too short to take everything too seriously!

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My Recommendation

I hope you enjoyed my article on what to look for when hiring a Virtual Assistant if you want to go straight for the quality Virtual Assistants out there in the VA community.

I would recommend Fivver to hire your VA. They are an industry-leading networking platform for Virtual Assistants. They have vigorous screening tests so that they only have the best on their books.

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  1. Waaoo! I just wanted to hire someone to help me for my blog post, then your content just come out. It’s great and let me understand how to hire an assistance.

  2. I never really considered a VA until now.After reading your post, (correct me if I’m wrong but)I feel like having a VA could potentially give you the time you need to grow your online business and not have to worry too much about the small tasks that require daily attention.
    Great post.will potentially consider one in the future.thanks.

  3. Never really thought of a virtual assistant until now and really don’t know how I could fit it into my business. Maybe at a later date when things get out of hand.

    Thank you for bringing this topic to our attention and making something much clearer whereas I was a little in the dark about before.

  4. This is just the information I need for my next steps to using Virtual Assistants in certain areas of my business. This is a great guide with specific tips, especially when hiring VAs online. Thank you for providing this level of detail on a topic not really touched on. I found all of the topics very valuable and will be implementing.


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