How to Choose a Niche Market in 8 Easy Steps

How to choose a niche market

One of the hardest things you will find when you first startup as an affiliate marketer is deciding how to choose a niche market. So today, I thought we would tackle finding your niche market in affiliate marketing.

If you are just a newbie who’s starting in affiliate marketing and is trying to decide on what niche to choose, here is some advice to help you out.

What is a niche market?

A niche market is a breakdown of an overall market in a small specific area where there is a need for a problem to be solved. This gives the marketer to be the person to help solve the issues that the audience is looking to find answers for.

It is all about you finding a niche that interests you. The more specific the niche, the better it will be for you. This is where you will start to research into your niche. You will be digging down to find that niche. That is, in essence, what a niche is.

What Makes A Good Niche Market?

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  • Money that is being spent online vs. money spent offline.

A lot of products online, even though they might have a big commission for you, most people still buy it at the brick & mortar store.

  • Problems or Passions that are present in the niche for your audience.

Two good factors to look at is there a strong demand for a problem to be solved straight away, or people who are passionate in their interest make for good niches.

  • Products or services that you can advertise as an affiliate.

Is there a good demand of either products or services so you can pick the products that suit you. If so, then you are well on your way to diversifying in your specific niche.

  • Sources where you can get a steady flow of traffic.

It would help if you considered where you are going to get a source of traffic to your site, i.e., social media, guest posts, forums there are a lot of different ways to find it.

  • You need good competition in your niche.

If there isn’t any competition in your niche, then you will never sell anything because no one has any interest in that niche you are trying to promote.

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Do I Have to know everything to start up in a niche?

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You are wondering why anybody would listen to me? I am only a beginner in this niche, so how do I expect anybody to listen to me.

When you first start in your chosen niche, you aren’t going to be an expert overnight, but after you first start of those first tentative steps, you will slowly become more knowledgeable in your area.

You will grow into your chosen niche and find that the experience you have gained will help to give answers to your audience.

The main thing to remember is it won’t happen overnight, so enjoy the learning curve because no matter how long you have done it for, there will still be something new to learn.

Examine Trends & Markets

trending affiliate products

First, let’s start by using those two vast sources of information. You most probably never thought of using them. (When I first started I never thought of it).

Here are two of the main places to start your searching


It is incredible what you can find there. First, you type in your niche product and search further for what interests you the most. This is an excellent place to start.

The owner of Wealthy Affiliate when he first started dug into American football and found a little sub-niche that sells football snack helmets. Who would have thought it? ?

Now you have done that let’s go over to


Want anything digital? Clickbank is where you go as well. Go to the marketplace to find your niche and then expand it to see the other sub-niches there as well; it is a gold mine of information.

Just using those big two will give you tons of ideas.

Now its time to see what is trending. The next three will give you an excellent overall picture of what is popular and the moment.

Google trends – This is the first stop on the way to finding the up to date trends.

Yahoo Trending – This is your second stop. Compare the two for some great ideas.

There are a few other trending tools out there, but these two are an excellent place to start.

Essential Questions to ask Yourself

questions to ask yourself
  • What do you enjoy doing enough to be able to keep doing it every day?
  • Is there a decent range of affiliate products at different price points in the niche you decide to promote?
  • On average, how much you can make per sale, and are there any recurring subscriptions that you could up-sell?
  • Do you know what the average conversion turnover rate of the products?
  • What is the competition like for your products in the niche? (Note if there is none, then the product will most fail from lack of demand).

Some Things to Look For in Your Search

  • Try to find yourself a niche Ebooks, training courses, software solutions or recurring subscription products as this will maximize your profit potential.
  • Try to get into a niche that you do care about because you will have to be turning out a lot of content and doing a lot of marketing to attract traffic to your site.
  • Without having the motivation to create content to put onto your site consistently, you won’t get new traffic to the site, and that means no sales.
  • The best way in the long term is to find affiliate programs that have recurring subscriptions, so you get paid month after month as long as the customer stays with the program.
  • Be sure that the niche that you end up going into has a good range of affiliate products to sell from to a wide variety of customers.

This will help to ensure the future for a profitable long-term business that you can expand upon into the future. Make sure to do your research on how much competition there is in the market.

There is nothing wrong with healthy competition. But if you find no competition at all, then there is a high likelihood that your product will not sell from lack of interest.

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Will your passion earn you an income? 

By now, you’ve decided what your passion and interest and what niche you are going to pursue. Now it is time to work out whether you can make money from this interest of yours.

Now it’s time to have a look at what type of websites are in the niche that you were interested in.

Start to draw up a list of things that you like and don’t like about each of the websites that you have had a read of.

Now draw up another list of some of the most common problems people face in this niche. This will give you the building blocks of what to start writing about for content.

Now it is time to start looking around at the affiliate programs out there, and who are some of the merchants that you think you could work with.

Try to find programs that you currently use or would be comfortable using on a day-to-day basis in your own business. Reviewing a product that you use can be easier.

With other programs that especially interest, you see if you can join up if they have a free trial and take a walk through their back office and use the product.

This will make it easier for you to write product reviews about the programs with an educated eye to the inner working of the program. Always be sure to make sure that you take into account the pros and cons of the product. No system is perfect.

Plus, while you are using it, you will come up with a ton of ideas for content that you can write that is related to the product that you can use to build out your website and to be able to make money and further your goals in the long term.

When you’ve done the right amount of research, you should have a good idea of what the products and understanding of the niche.

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Be a problem solver for your audience

Now it comes down to quality over quantity; most people these days know what a scam website is that it is just pushing to make money.

You need to be different and offer quality content that your audience can say, “That really helped me out.” People are looking for quality content, so don’t be miserly.

Now you have found your niche, there are going to be some products that you know about in-depth and can quickly write a review and related content for.

But there are other products out there that you might not know that much about don’t let this put you off do some thorough research into them. You will be surprised by what you learn and remember if you wish, try a few of the products out.

And your audience will appreciate the time and effort that you put in to find the details that they have been surfing the web for and that they wish to read about.

These days customers very rarely buy on their first search; they will search down as much information as they can before deciding to go with buying into a course or product.

Look to deep link your content to your product reviews so that if your reader wishes to, they can click on the link to have a further read of the product review.

In one article, you could have three or four links to different product reviews on your website. This will also strengthen SEO on your site.

And then go from there to the product that you are promoting, try not to put too many affiliate links into your general content marketing articles. Keep those for your product review.

Please make yourself known as a problem solver, and people will eventually start coming back to your site for those burning questions they need answers for.

What Not to Do Unless You Wish to Fail

  • Do not sell to your audience – People are sick and tired of spammy websites that are grinding other people down, full of links, and giving no useful information for them to read.
  • Don’t litter your website with banner ads – People understand that sites will stick a couple banner ads up for their advertising, but they don’t wish to see a ton of them.
  • Don’t do fake scam reviews – A lot of publishers days these days write out scam reviews so that they can promote their product.

Don’t get into this habit as it will only be derogatory to your audience and will gain you a bad reputation as a biased reviewer. Keep your reviews based on the facts that you have gathered.

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My conclusion to finding your niche

You get up first thing in the morning you have a shower and have your coffee to wake yourself up, and you are still wondering whether this niche is right for you?

The answer will come apparent to you because every day that you get up, you will have that burning desire to learn more and more about the niche that you have chosen to do.

That is your answer to whether you believe this niche is yours because you will not be able to stop writing or talking about it.

I wish you every success with the road you choose to take.

Kevin delahaye

Hi there everyone my name is Kevin Delahaye and I am the owner of Niche Marketing Toolkit.

I will try to bring value to you with each and every post I write and hopefully have the answer to the question you were seeking.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back as soon as possible. Cheers

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  1. Thank you so much for the informative article. Many people struggle to find their niche, and I was one of them. I wish I had read this post sooner. Very helpful for people who are currently trying to find their niche, but also to people who have already found their niche, to check if they have chosen something that they will trully enjoy.

  2. Very good article

    I have been looking forways to find a niche in affiliate markerting and this is the onlt article which has really helped me understand that it is about what I love.

    Before I did a mistake of just going for something which was going to make me money instead of the love. The love is crucial for pushing through tough times.

  3. Hi Kevin. Your information is excellent and well researched. I found your middle point of being a problem solver was what I need to learn about. When you don’t initially talk to somebody you are second guessing/anticipating a little bit what problems your audience want solved. Obviously proper review of products will give you a stronger idea of what problems you can solve.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  4. Solid tips here. I think the two most important in my opinion are to choose your passion as your niche and to not focus on just “selling”. I appreciate the work you put into this. Keep it up!

  5. This is defiantly a helpful article full of useful information.
    I wish I would have been able to read it sooner, it would have taught me several things I was unaware of.
    It has great teaching for somebody thinking about starting a business in affiliate marketing!
    Would it be a good idea if my niche is focusing on the tools I use in my job? I have first hand experience that way!


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