How Email Marketing Can Help SEO – 5 Easy Tips

How Email Marketing Can Help SEO Rankings

Today I am going to be showing you how Email Marketing Can Help SEO. by using your email lists correctly you can drive more targeted traffic to your website who have an interest in your posts to be able to improve search engine rankings.

Newsletters don’t get ranked by search engines, and a newsletter campaign aims to get the maximum number of opens & click-through rates, it is not meant to be able to improve your SEO.

So, if you think having a big list of subscribers in your Get Response account, it won’t win you any brownie points for your search terms.

Five tips to improve your SEO with email marketing

Lower your bounce rates

email bounce rate, How Email Marketing Can Help SEO

Search engines workout how long people who come to your website will stay and also what percentage of your readers will leave straight away (bounce) without reading your content

First off, the rank writing quality content is crucial in decreasing your bounce rate, .

You have your content up and running; now it is time to get your email subscribers coming to your website by creating a strong call to actions (CTA) links in your emails pointing back to the relevant post.

This is a good way of increasing the quality of your readers to your website as your subscribers want you to fix their specific problems.

This will help to decrease the bounce rate as the subscribers will likely be more interested in your content.

They subscribed to you for a reason, so you could help them with their problems while giving quality content they will stay on your page longer and help improve your SEO rankings

Use call to actions (CTA) in your emails & blog

Call to action, How Email Marketing Can Help SEO

A final call to action is an essential part of the email. You need to get the subscriber to make a specific action by telling them what to do.

If you let the subscriber decide for themselves, there will be less engagement with the CTA and will result in fewer click-through rates.

A lot of email marketers forget to do this and don’t put social media sharing buttons into their email, thus losing the chance of the email being shared with their friends.

The best place to put your social media buttons in your email is at the bottom so that your subscribers get to read your email in full before they share it.

By putting the social media option into your emails, you will find that your long-term subscribers will be more likely to share your newsletter with their friends.

Make sure you also have a social sharing button set up on your website. I recommend using the sassy social share plugin as it is easy to set up.

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Re-purpose newsletter content

re purpose newsletter content

Lots of email marketers look at newsletters just as a way to tell people about your latest blog post or a new product or service that you are rolling out.

Make sure that all the newsletters that you are sending out has content that is exclusive to just your subscribers and not available to the general public.

Try to make sure that all your emails follow a common theme to get maximum engagement with your subscriber.

If you are unsure what type of template to use for writing successful emails just Google “newsletter templates” there are plenty out there or ask your platform support to see if they can help you with any writing templates.

You can re-purpose this content in a variety of ways, you could use it to write a new blog post, or you could bundle it up to use as an email opt-in content hook.

Create an Email Survey

Workout a small list of questions to ask in the server way and send it to your email list. Do not make the survey too large as it will scare some people off.

The survey should cover the questions that your audience is looking for, such as their fears, desires, and the challenges that relate to the topic.

Once you have sent out the survey and you have all the answers come in from your subscribers, you should have a good idea of what type of article to write.

Once it is completed, send out a follow-up newsletter to let your subscribers know that you have written an article about this survey.

You will most probably get a good response and click-through rate for this newsletter as your subscribers would feel like they are being listened to and appreciate the effort.

Ask your email list for blog comments

blog comments

When they click on your email link to go to your article ask them to leave a comment when they are at your blog post.

As soon as you get the comment notification go and type in a reply. This will let your audience know you are aware of them.

Getting your audience to leave a comment also does improve your SEO standings with google as the bots see that you are active on your posts.

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Here are my final thoughts

Once they are on your page, they are invariably going to stay there longer as they clicked on your link to read this specific article, thus improving your bounce rate.

Make sure to utilize a little bit of that untapped content and re-purpose it into blog posts or wrap them up as bundles to use as a content hook.

Keep the highly focused CTA going without giving them a chance to dither about the decision and keep putting in for their page comments.

Above all, enjoy yourself writing your emails and marrying them in with your SEO marketing. As they say, every little bit helps.

Kevin delahaye

Hi there everyone my name is Kevin Delahaye and I am the owner of Niche Marketing Toolkit.

I will try to bring value to you with each and every post I write and hopefully have the answer to the question you were seeking.

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  1. Hey Kevin,

    That’s a really useful article about email marketing and seo. The idea of marketing products by email is surely one which will ensure a fair revenue in the long term.

    To be honest, I never actually thought about sending surveys to my mailing list and I will certainly consider doing this in the future.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. Hey Kevin,

    Great article on Email marketing and SEO. Call to action is something I need to improve on. I have a subscribe call to action but I don’t have a downloadable report or video yet.

    That is going to be my next action to take. Thanks for the reminder and keep up the amazing work on your website.

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    This email markerting post was so informative. I just started email markerting and I was having a bit of trouble somehow so this post was what I needed.

    The part of bringing your subscribers back to your website to comment was very beneficial to me.
    Although I have called them to look at my website however I never did call them to actually comment. Thank you.
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