Top 10 Golf Affiliate Programs In 2021

According to World Atlas, golf is the tenth most popular sport globally, boosting the earning potential of golf affiliate programs.

Venturing into this niche means that you already have a market of 450 million fans around the world. What’s even more enticing is how much the golf industry makes in a year.

That’s a whopping $12.55 billion.

Are you excited to start your golf affiliate journey? Me, too. I’ve also gathered ten of the best golf affiliate programs, to begin with. I’m sure you will find them worthwhile.

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My Top 10 Golf Affiliate Programs

  • Golf Outlets USA
  • Swing Man Golf
  • Rain or Shine Golf
  • Callaway Golf
  • The Golf Warehouse
  • Titleist
  • Golf Shoes Plus
  • TeeOff
  • TaylorMade
  • GlobalGolf

Golf Outlets USA

Golf Outlets USA, golf affiliate programs

Golf has been known to be an expensive sport. This why the founder of Golf Outlets USA had one goal when it started. That is to provide golf players with sports equipment and gear that are priced reasonably.

To ensure they continue to give competitive pricing to their clients, they manufacture most of their products.

Some of the brands they own are Palm Springs and Confidence. Your visitors will be able to buy directly from the maker.

Having dual distribution centers in Nevada and North Carolina, they get to lower down shipping fees. They are happy to pass on that savings to their customers, including your visitors.

Golf Outlets USA is more appealing because of their low prices; people tend to buy in bulk from them. That is a triple win for the company, your visitors who buy from them, and of course, you.

Swing Man Golf

Swing Man Golf

If you are going to market this sport, choose the program that a professional golfer himself initiates.

Jaacob Bowden, the creator of Swing Man Golf’s training programs, is a professional golf player who has been listed as one of the Top 100 golf instructors.

He has won multiple World Long Drive Championships qualifiers and a televised 381-yeard drive Pinnacle Distance Challenge.

Your visitors would most likely place confidence in their swing speed training programs with those qualities and accomplishments.

When it comes to their members’ performance, their members’ swing speed increase is 12 to 16 mph on average in the first thirty days. Their customer feedback is also outstanding.

Rain or Shine Golf

Rain or Shine Golf

Did you ever wonder why they named their store Rain or Shine Golf? It’s because they offer indoor golf products so their customers can enjoy playing the game all year round, rain or shine.

Being a trailblazer, they have given themselves an edge over other golf affiliate programs out there. Rain or Shine Golf has advanced its game and has become a trailblazer by creating a golf simulator.

The other indoor products they offer include indoor putting greens, golf nets, and hitting mats.

Whether your visitors are golf enthusiasts who cannot always go and play outside or be beginners looking to practice at home first, you can encourage them to take advantage of these unique products.

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Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf

Callaway founder Ely Callaway once said that he is not a good enough salesman who would sell mediocre products.

With that in mind, he made it his company’s goal to create and sell unique and irrefutably superior products.

This principle of Callaway has resulted in a long list of products that have helped golf players take their game to the next level. Some of the products they offer include clubs, balls, and gears.

They also feature Distance Fitting, which allows your visitors to experience personalized custom fitting from their homes at no extra cost.

With just a phone call, their Certified Master Fitters will be able to help them find the ideal equipment for them.

As an affiliate, you can take advantage of their excellent reputation and high-quality products to encourage your readers to support their products.

The Golf Warehouse

The Golf Warehouse

The Golf Warehouse, also known as TGW, was first established in April 1998 in Wichita, Kansas. This small family business humbly started with just four employees at that time.

Fast forward two decades, it has since progress to more than 250 full-time employees. During that time, The Golf Warehouse has reinvented itself into what is now known as TGW.

With that transformation, they positioned themselves as any ordinary golf store and a leader in their industry.

Do you want to be a part of their growth moving forward? True enough, TGW is a successful company, given its years in the business. It reflects the kind of products that they offer – the variety of products you would be confident to promote to your audience.



Titleist prides itself on having the best golf balls in the world.  Their golf balls are not just run of the mill. They have gone through a series of studies.

The truth is, it took three years for its inventors, Phil Young and Fred Bommer, to perfect the golf balls and introduce them to golf enthusiasts in 1935.

It began when Phil Young missed a putt during a game and x-rayed the golf ball. He discovered that the core was not centered properly.

From then on, Young made it his goal to develop the best golf ball the world has ever seen. His golf ball invention is patented. All the balls they manufacture are uniform equally excellent.

That said, when you choose Titleist, you are set to promote products that have been in existence for decades, maybe before you were born.

With 1600 patented golf balls to date, Titleist could be enticing to your golfer visitors.

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Golf Shoes Plus

Golf Shoes Plus

Shoe manufacturers build shoes specifically for running, lifestyle, basketball, golf, or any other purpose. No, it’s not just for marketing. They do it because the feet move differently with every activity, and thus, calls for a different kind of shoe design.

So, what then are the shoes for playing golf? Where can your visitors find the best golf shoes?

It becomes easy to find one when you have 12000 pairs of golf shoes in the inventory to choose from. Golf Shoes Plus is a retail store that specializes in golf shoes and accessories since 1984.

Since 1996, they have also opened their doors to more golf enthusiasts who want to purchase their products online.

Since then, they have maintained their position as one of the leading golf sports retail stores with a great customer satisfaction rate.

Any of your visitors looking for specialized golf shoes would be pleased with their wide selection and years in the industry.


TeeOff is a service-oriented company dedicated to providing golfers a place to have their tee time wherever they are in the world.

Millions of golfers rely on TeeOff to get the best tee time rates at about 10,000 golf courses across the globe.

Not a lot of companies provide the same service as TeeOff. Hence, marketing would not be so challenging, especially because they can cater internationally.



It was in 1979 when Gary Adams founded the TaylorMade company with three employees, including himself. He took a $24000 loan because of his confidence that his innovative product will succeed.

His 12-degree driver cast of stainless steel performs better than ordinary metal wood. Because of this, several golfers trusted his product which eventually helped his company to flourish.

TaylorMade has maintained to create high-quality golf-related products even up to now. Moreover, it is also a subsidiary of the famous Adidas brand that your visitors may be fans of.

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GlobalGolf is a North Carolina-based golf retailer initially launched in 2006. This e-commerce platform sells different products from top gold manufacturers such as Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist.

You might doubt the potential of its affiliate program given the fact the GlobalGolf is only a retailer. Some other companies are direct manufacturers.

Yet, do not underestimate them. They revel in their excellence in providing a stress-free buying experience with their user-friendly e-commerce interface.

In addition, they also tout their interactive staff for delivering superb customer service.

Suppose your visitors want to go for a one-stop-shop where they can choose from a wide range of golf products from different manufacturers. In that case, GlobalGolf is the ideal option for them.

Summary of Golf Affiliate Programs

Why do I personally consider golf as a compelling niche for your affiliate marketing ventures?

First of all, golf is known to be an expensive sport. The majority of golf players have both the financial capacity and willingness to spend money for everything that has to do with golf.

The second thing is that there is not a lot of competition compared to other niches. When you create and optimize your content, there is a big chance you will come up on the first page of the search results.

With 450 million fans around the globe, the likelihood of getting people to check on your golf content and convert to a sale is relatively high.

Do you think you are ready to begin earning income with your golf affiliate programs? It may not be as easy as one-two-three.

Still, with time, research and effort within your chosen niche, you would attain your desired income from affiliate marketing.

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