Checks On Repeat System Review

Checks On Repeat System Review

Checks on repeat System review is it a pyramid scheme or not? Today I’m going to go over this system and give it a once over.

Let’s start this off and go down the rabbit hole, and the first thing I noticed is taking me straight to a landing page that asked for my name, email, and phone number. 

And I thought, why not let’s see where this leads me. The road gets a little bumpy as I go further down the funnel and the alarm bells start to ring.

Checks On Repeat System Review, landing page

Checks On Repeat Review Summary

  • Product Name – Checks On Repeat System
  • Website –
  • Owners – Wes conveniently has no surname to be found on his site

Overall star rating

1 star rating

Checks On Repeat is nothing more than a funnel-driven illegal pyramid scheme.

FTC Guidelines

FTC guidelines state that a network marketing business must have a minimum ratio of 70% versus 30% of recruiting participants or more.

Checks on Repeat is 100% recruiting participants and 0% participants that do any recruiting.

In time this program will end up closed down or scrapped by the owner as he finds another way to make money

It is already starting to sound like a scalp hunter program to me! But anyway, let’s push on.

wealthy affiliate review

1st Alarm Bell Big Blazing Sales Page

As soon as you open up the sales page you are exposed to this big headline saying how you are going to make a fortune in a week.

A proper Affiliate Training Program would never be making this claim as they would know that it takes time and effort to create a successful affiliate marketing business

The problem is that there are so many newbies out there who are caught up in the shiny object syndrome and have the money to spend that keeps these types of programs alive.

automated online business, Checks On Repeat System Review

100% Automated Online Business & System, what a joke there is no such creature that exists in the affiliate networking world.

I watched the webinar and nothing in it inspired me to go out and buy into the program at all.

2nd Alarm Bell Self promoting testimonials

Part of the sales page is a big pile of testomonials that promote the product to the new reader who comes to the page.

The truth of it is that these are self-sponsored testimonials created by people in the program to increase the appeal of the program.

In an image further on down below I will show you how they self promote the system.

automated cash flow system

3rd Alarm Bell Bad Ass Commission Checks

When you start to see big commission checks from satisfied clients on the sales page you have to start thinking to yourself why do they need to push so hard at selling the program if it works so well.

The most successful affiliate training programs don’t need to show all of these gimmicks to sell their programs as the reputation of the product sells itself.

commission checks

4th Alarm Bell Funnel Trap For Testimonials

Now, this is where Wes starts to take you down through the rabbit hole for the self-promoting testimonials.

big brassy button, Checks On Repeat System Review

The sales page has ticked all of your boxes as it is designed to do.

Now you click on the fancy webinar button expecting to go straight to a webinar but now you are taken to an interim page.

I have filled it out using fake information so that I could complete the form. Notice down the bottom of the image?

This is where they want you to commit to a testimonial it might sound like if they are asking for it then it will be easy.

Wrong the truth is that most people don’t make money because of the referral structure which is heavily in the favor of the program owner.


Now it is time to watch the webinar to see what makes it tick. Their claim that the products that are exclusive to their system is a lie the products are a mixture of 43 PLR products that sell at for about $8 each. Information sourced from scamxposer.


Cost of the product

As you can see by the prices below that show the original cost for the product and your affiliate commission, take into account that your first two sales go to your referring member.

product price plan

wealthy affiliate review

Checks On Repeat Summary

So there you have it, the inner workings of Wes (no surname given) Checks On Repeat System.

Have you noticed as you followed my article along you felt yourself being pulled down the rabbit hole?

That is because from the start of the process until the end you were given no credible information on how the system will work.

They say that it is all set up for you and that the lead generation is taken care of but you still have to pay advertising costs for what they said was provided with it.

I have no problems with paying advertising costs like content writing, google ads, and other sources but I like to know what I am getting, there is no transparency there at all.

Finally the biggest killer to knock this program on its head is that it is a recruitment driven program only.

Then you have to find more people to get under you for the sales and then you give away your first two sales. So by the time you have made the 5th sale you have just earned a tiny profit.

At the prices that Wes is charging you will find it hard to do, but there are a lot of gullible people out there who want this to be true and will spend the money anyway. I feel sorry for them.


My Recommended Affiliate Training Program

It took me some time to work it out but I finally realized there are no whiz bang overnight products out there just a lot of scam artists.

I really wanted to become an affiliate marketer though, so I looked around and did some research on affiliate marketing and the overwhelming result was IT IS HARD WORK TO GET STARTED.

wealthy Affiliate Training

So I came across Wealthy Affiliate and gave it a try, it lays out plainly that you won’t get rich overnight but with training, you can get where you want to go.

Ever since I started I have never looked back the training is comprehensive and you get to host your own websites for free. Click the button below to read my review.

Kevin delahaye

Hi there everyone my name is Kevin Delahaye and I am the owner of Niche Marketing Toolkit.

I will try to bring value to you with each and every post I write and hopefully have the answer to the question you were seeking.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back as soon as possible. Cheers

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