Top 10 Best Web Hosting Services

Are you looking for the best web hosting services for you to start your new website or your personal blog?

It can be hard deciding because there are so many to choose from; after doing some research, I have a list of what I believe are the best web hosting services on the market today.

When you’re first starting, it can be challenging to work out what type of web hosting company to use because there are a lot of different things to consider.

There are a few things to think about, do you need dedicated hosting or shared hosting? How much transfer rate and bandwidth are you after? Do you need an email account included as part of the package?

All of these factors go into deciding what hosting platform you would like to sign up too as well as the cost of hosting.

It comes down to what your circumstances are as to what you will personally need from your hosting provider going forward and whether you can easily upgrade when you need to.

10 Best Web Hosting Services Reviews

  • Bluehost Fastest Shared Hosting Platform
  • Hostwinds Best Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Hostinger Best Cloud Based Hosting Platform
  • HostGator Best VPS Hosting
  • GoDaddy Best customer Support
  • Dreamhost Hosting Platform
  • A2 Hosting Platform
  • WP Engine Hosting Platform
  • In Motion Hosting Platform
  • Nexcess Hosting Platform

I have provided a overview of each of the web hosting services and have given an insight into the strengths of what each service provider specializes in and how it would suit you going forward.

What Are The Different Hosting Types?

This question gets thrown around all the time, what are all the hosting setups, and what do they do? So you know what I am talking about below, let me give you a short introduction to each of them.

  • Shared hosting is where multiple users can share the same resources of a secured server to be able to host their websites online, this will have limitations for speed with large websites. This does have its limitations with speed when your website does get larger. Good for start startup and small business.
  • Virtual private server hosting or VPS hosting is where you have resources such as RAM and CPU that is dedicated to your account.
  • Dedicated hosting is where the web site’s server is completely isolated from other servers so that you get full access to configure your server without being affected by any other user.
  • Cloud-Based Hosting Instead of having one server cloud hosting spreads your website data across a number of servers that are all linked together in case one fails.

Bluehost Fastest Shared Hosting Platform

Blue Host hosting platform, Best Web Hosting Services

Pricing plans

  • Shared hosting: Minimum plan $2.75 per month
  • VPS hosting: Minimum plan $18.99 per month
  • Dedicated server hosting: Minimum plan $79.99 per month

Taking first place on our list today of web hosting providers is Bluehost. The cheapest basic plan is from $2.95 on a shared hosting platform on a three-year contract.

There are three tiers of hosting available. You can upgrade your hosting plan at any time you wish without any effect on your website.

WordPress plans start at $20 per month, but that is a discounted price for when you first join up the WordPress plan.

The WordPress platform has automated setup, and you also have access to the C-panel if you like to tinker in the back office to optimize the website to your satisfaction.

 Bluehost also provides a Weebly website builder as part of the basic plan. You can create a basic website that will allow you to create a maximum of 6 pages. There aren’t any extras like site templates to use, but what the heck it is free.

Bluehost also has Woo Commerce hosting and a free WordPress migration tool. The support desk is open 24/7 with phone support (including international) and live chat.

Hostwinds Best Dedicated Web Hosting

hostwind hosting platform, Best Web Hosting Services

Price Plans

  • Shared hosting: Minimum of $3.29 per month
  • VPS hosting: Minimum unmanaged $4.99 per month Minimum managed $5.17 per month
  • Dedicated hosting: Minimum $79.50 per month

Hostwinds has a wide range of dedicated servers all with strong configuration choices to be able to handle any website from general use to heavy-duty.

This makes for an ideal hosting platform for large company websites and even gaming servers.

Here is a good range of additional server settings that are available for customization.

There are five basic plan options to choose four in the dedicated server, which you can then customize with your personal preferences.

There are four distinct raid configurations and several other operating systems that are offered, including standard centOS and also Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Window Servers option.

The primary server option has a quad-core single processor and starts with eight gigabytes of ram, which is more than enough for most users out there.

24/7 server administration is supplied as part of the package; this is good for people who don’t want to handle the system administration duties, fulltime server monitoring, and backups every night.

Hostwinds has  24/7 phone support, live chat, and 24/7 tech support for dedicated servers.

Hostinger Best Cloud Based Hosting Platform

hostinger hosting platform

 Pricing plans

  • Shared hosting: Minimum plan 0.99c per month
  • VPS hosting: Minimum plan $3.95 per month
  • Cloud hosting: Minimum plan $ 7.45 per month

Hostinger is a European based cloud web hosting company that is a large player in the global market.

Hostinger uses its own distinct technology to improve performance and features; it incorporates its own unique control panel as an alternative to the standard C-panel.

Hostinger has three plans, cloud-based plans available cloud startup, cloud professional, and cloud global and include unlimited websites and bandwidth.

Cloud startup has 100 gigabytes of SSD storage, three gigabytes of ram, and two CPU cores.

Cloud professional has 140 gigabytes SSD storage, six gigabytes of RAM, and four CPU cores.

Cloud global has 200 gigabytes SSD storage, sixteen gigabytes of RAM, and eight CPU cores. An SSL certificate is included with all the plans.

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HostGator Best VPS Hosting

hostgator hosting platform

Pricing Plans

  • Shared hosting: Minimum plan $2.75 per month
  • VPS Hosting: minimum plan $19.95 per month
  • Dedicated hosting: minimum plan $89.98 per month

For those of you who are specifically looking for VPS hosting plans, HostGator would be the way for you to go; they have three different VPS hosting plans.

The first cab off the rank is the snappy 2000, which has 2 gigabytes RAM, two cores of CPU, plus 120 gigabytes of disk space. This is more than enough for most websites.

The next upgrade is the snappy 4000 that has four gigabytes of ram and 165 gigabytes of storage this would handle any site that doesn’t need its own server.

And the last upgrade is the snappy 8000, which has eight gigabytes of ram four-core CPU, and 240 gigabytes of storage.

HostGator also has it’s shared hosting plans and dedicated hosting plans as well. Plan prices vary depending on if you buy monthly or yearly.

All products have a 45-day money-back guarantee. HostGator has 24/7 phone support and live chat. HostGator is great for people who are on a budget but still want quality.

GoDaddy Best customer Support

Godaddy hosting platform

Pricing Plans

  • Shared hosting: Minimum plan $4.33 per month
  • VPS hosting: Minimum plan $5.80
  • Dedicated hosting: Minimum plan 135.30

GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting platforms in the market. The company has 14 different facilities around the world.

They offer a variety range of hosting packages that are suitable for both small and large website businesses.

GoDaddy is an excellent solution for being able to build custom websites as the drag and drop website builder called Go Central is very easy to use for people who are just starting.

For marketers who are a little more technically inclined, you have full access to the C panel to be able to make your adjustments as you see fit.

The disadvantage with the GoDaddy plans are the various upsells that come with the hosting platform plans to get the same options at other hosting platforms.

I have found that the GoDaddy platform has the best customer support of all of them. It has a 24/7 phone support team that is available internationally, and it is straightforward to get to an operator for any questions, whether technical or basic questions.

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Dreamhost Hosting Platform

Dreamhost Hosting Platform

Pricing Plans:

  • WordPress Hosting – starts at $2.59/month
  • Website Hosting – starts at $2.59/month
  • VPS Hosting – starts at $10.00/month
  • WP Website Builder – starts at $2.59/month       
  • Dedicated Hosting – starts at $169.00/month
  • Cloud Hosting – starts at $0.0075/hour

First launched in 1996, DreamHost has been one of the longest-running website hosting services to date. In their 25 years in the industry, they have already served nearly half a million clients and hosted 1.5 million websites.

DreamHost offers very affordable rates. I recommend that you avail of one year contract to save more money, which would translate to a minimum of $2.59/month depending on your hosting needs.

In addition to the fantastic prices, DreamHost stands out when it comes to the method it uses in managing web hosts. Most hosts utilize the standard cPanel. DreamHost presents a customized control panel to be used to manage and maintain your website.

Web developers who want to have more control of their websites have Dreamhost on top of their list.

A2 Hosting Platform

A2 Hosting Platform

Pricing Plans:

  • Startup – $5.99/month
  • Drive – $7.99/month
  • Turbo Boost – $12.99/month
  • Turbo Max – $16.98/month

You are looking for a web hosting service whose primary leverage is its page loading speed? You might end your quest with the A2 Hosting.

Having been in the industry for two decades, A2 Hosting has strived to boost its uptime and speed since then. At present, it leverages its strong uptime at 99.97% and loading speed at 285ms, making it one of the most reliable web hosting services to date.

Although its domain name comes at an extra cost, A2 Hosting offers site migration free of charge.

This hosting service is also compatible with the majority of content management systems and developer tools.

WP Engine Hosting Platform

WP Engine Hosting Platform

Pricing Plans:

  • Managed Hosting – Minimum plan $25/month
  • Managed Hosting Plus – Minimum plan  $28.33/month
  • Secure Hosting – Minimum plan $44.17/month
  • Ecommerce Hosting – $30/month

Do you need a hosting web service that is designed specifically for WordPress? WP Engine is your way to go.

By simply looking at its price, you may find it risky. It’s just too high compared to other hosting services. Albeit pricey, its users are mostly satisfied with their experience using the service.

WP Engine’s competitive edge is its advanced-level features and benefits that you cannot achieve from cheaper alternatives.

The speed is flashing, and you may never have to worry about your website’s reliability.

With the WP Engine, they manage all the backend technical parts of the work. So, if you are not keen on hiring a WordPress Developer yet, this hosting service may be a cost-efficient option for you.

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In Motion Hosting Platform

In Motion Hosting Platform

Pricing Plans:

  • Shared Hosting – Minimum plan $5.99/month
  • WordPress Hosting – Minimum plan  $6.99/month
  • VPS Hosting – Minimum plan $31.99/month
  • Dedicated Hosting – $99.99/month

When it comes to VPS and dedicated hosting services, InMotion has put its best foot forward. Although their other services are fairly priced, these are just far from cheap.

Given that, you can expect fast loading speed and round-the-clock customer support from them. After all, high prices warrant high quality of service.

All of their hosting plans include cPanel, unlimited bandwidth, and free promotional credits. You can pick which one to have preinstalled: WordPress, Joomla, or PrestaShop. InMotion also offers website transfers and a domain name for free for the first year.

After being in the business for more than 20 years, they have already grown to have 170000 thrilled customers with over 350 experts to help them.

Nexcess Hosting Platform

Nexcess Hosting Platform

Pricing Plans:

  • Magneto – Minimum plan $49/month
  • WooCommerce – Minimum plan $15.83/month
  • WordPress – Minimum plan $15.83/month
  • Flexible Cloud – $49/month

Do you want to launch an online store? Nexcess has been known to be an excellent option for e-commerce websites.

Nexcess offers a wide range of specialty solutions for different platforms, such as Magneto, WordPress, and WooCommerce. They even have special price packages for each platform.

With Nexcess, you can do automatic scaling to control unanticipated traffic spikes with just one click. You can also take advantage of their premium SSL certificates to ensure your sites’ safety.

Its main goal is for its clients to have everything they need to start, operate, and scale their online e-commerce websites.

Nexcess has been around for more than two decades and has hosted over 500000 websites throughout the years.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Hosting Platform

  • Make sure you do your research on your pricing options for the platform you’re going to join up as some hosting companies will push the price up after your first year or two.
  • Write a list of what you think you will need to get your website up and running in the long term and then shop around to find the best option that will suit your needs.
  • Are you comfortable with building your website? A crucial bit of information to think about to decide whether you need a hosting platform that has a good support service to be able to help you out if you are in trouble.
  • Think about your long term goals before you sign up for the hosting platform that you want. As your website grows, you will need to upgrade your hosting requirements to keep your website at the optimal speed; it is always easier to stay on one platform as you grow.

The questions above are the main once you should be asking yourself before you start to build your website.

There will always be other considerations that will come up in the future depending on what path you go down review website, whether it is E-Commerce, digital, or affiliate marketing, they all have their differences that can alter which options you need.

Enjoy yourself is one of the main things to remember when you are building your website out that you will always be thinking of new ideas as you go and fixing the old problems; it is always a work in progress.

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