10 Best Vitamins and Supplements Affiliate Programs

If you are going to get into a health niche then check out these best Vitamins and Supplements affiliate programs.

The vitamins and supplements industry is earning 122 billion dollars in the USA and is still growing. Multivitamins own the majority of the market and then followed by Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

Vitamins and supplements can be used for a variety of reasons, including health, physical recovery, and stress-related illnesses.

Here are ten of the most prominent players in the field for health supplements affiliate programs, but if you do your niche research properly, you can find a lot more out there that can narrow your niche even further.

  • A1Supplements
  • Vitamin Packs
  • HerbsPro
  • eVitamins
  • Tropical Oasis
  • Vitagene
  • Pure Prescriptions
  • New Vitality
  • Purity Products
  • Rainbow Light

Top 10 Affiliate Programs


A1 Supplements niche

Product description

A1supplements is an online wholesaler of nutritional supplements. Because they are a purely online store, they can sell to the public at wholesale prices.

You can join up as an affiliate with Commission Junction or ShareAsale, both of them will supply you with all the marketing ads and banners that you will need to promote their products.

A1supplements have a lot of new products coming out and a lot of promos going, so make sure you keep checking in to increase your ROI.

Vitamin Packs

Vitamin Packs

Product description

Vitamin Packs is a leader in taking the guesswork out of what to choose from their range of supplements. The proprietary  Sage algorithm and knowledge center helps to recommend the supplements needed depending on their customer’s needs & lifestyle.

Rakuten marketing manage their affiliate program. An affiliate has access to a wide range of content, text links, and banner ads. Vitamin Packs also have bonuses and special offers for the affiliates to help them increase their sales.

Herbs Pro

herbspro affiliate

Product description

Herbs Pro is an online health store that has the top brands of herbal supplements, organic groceries, vitamins, pet care products, and beauty care products.

Affiliates have three options to join at Pepperjam, ShareAsale, or Commission Junction. All of the programs have access to text links high converting custom banners. You also have access to their data feed and monthly coupons.

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evitamins affiliate program

Product description

eVitamins has the best value online. They stock over 25,000 different beauty, health, and natural food products. eVitamins offers the freshest goods at some of the lowest prices of up to 75% off.

They have their affiliate program, and payments are made monthly on the 15th through Paypal. Affiliates will earn money on repeat customers within the 45-day cycle of the cookie.

The support offered to affiliates is excellent as they work very closely with you to help you earn money with your advertising.

Tropical Oasis

tropical oasis affiliate program

Product description

Tropical Oasis specializes in minerals, liquid vitamins, and supplements. The advantage of liquid vitamins is they have a 94% absorption rate compared to 19% for regular vitamin tablets.

They have a reputation for having the best tasting and the most nutritious products online. All of their products have a 100% money-back guarantee attached. Tropical Oasis have vitamins for adults, children, pets, and specialty vitamins and supplements for athletes.

ShareAsale manages the affiliate program for Tropical Oasis; they supply a large variety of banners, text links, data feed, and tracking. They have a recurring 25% commission for the life of the customer.

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vitagene affiliate program

Product description

Vitagene is one of the fastest-growing health platforms in the market. It was designed by researchers and doctors to help people decide on a more balanced diet, supplement and exercise regime decisions.

The DNA tests that are given to their customers have the information to help them reach their short term and long term goals.

Commission Junction manages the affiliate program for Vitagene, all of the text links, banners, reporting tools, and commission details; you can also apply for special promotions to help you reach your goals.

Pure Prescriptions

pure prescriptions affiliate program

Product description

Pure Prescriptions is a family-owned business that handpicks the vitamins and supplements so that they are only selling the highest quality products on the market. All of their vitamins and supplements have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Pepperjam manages the affiliate program for Pure Prescriptions. They have a wide selection of text links, banner ads, custom ads, and coupon deals.

New Vitality

new vitality affiliate program

Product description

New Vitality is the best in the market for the range of nutritional health supplements and skincare products. All of the products are formulated with the guidance of nutritionists, doctors, chemists, and researchers and then have to pass stringent quality standards.

Some of their most popular products are Ageless male, Super Beta Prostate, Blue Vera and Lumatone, along with an extensive range of other products.

Pepperjam manages the affiliate program for New Vitality. They have text links, display ads, product feed, and personalized tracking tools.

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Purity Products

purity products affiliate program

Product description

Purity Products has been about since 1993 and strive to provide their customers with science-based nutritional supplements. They only offer high-quality, evidence-based dietary supplements that are sold straight to the customer.

Pepperjam manages the affiliate program for Purity Products. They provide the affiliates with customized display ads, vanity codes, and dependable product feeds.

Vitamin Shoppe

vitamin shoppe affiliate program

Product description

The Vitamin Shoppe has a wide range of vitamins and sports supplements that will help your body work at its peak efficiency and health.

Some of the supplements are necessary minerals and vitamin pills, while most of them address problems such as digestion issues, weight loss, and natural beauty.

These supplements are designed to promote muscle building, endurance, and energy. They also have some supplements that are vegan friendly.

Commission Junction manages the affiliate program for the Vitamin Shoppe. The range of banner ads, text links, and tracking tools is a useful feature of this program.

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Best Vitamins and Supplements Affiliate Programs Summary

Now you have had a taste of 10 great supplement affiliate programs it is up to you choose the niche you wish to promote. There are three different ways you could go here if you want a sub-niche.

Liquid-Based – Tropical Oasis products specialize in liquid-based vitamins and supplements. As an affiliate, you earn a 25% commission on all sales.

Food-Based – Rainbow light was one of the first to develop a food-based supplement, as an affiliate you can earn a 15% commission on all of your sales.

DNA-Based – Vitagene is an interesting one to look at as it is a  DNA based supplement program I don’t think you would find many other DNA based programs out there. Affiliates get 10% and a 45-day cookie.

My recommendation? Decide on about two closely related sub-niches and incorporate them into one, you don’t want to go to narrow and leave yourself short with content to write about your topic.

Increase Your Affiliate Earnings

Now you have the ideas of what niche you want to work with, now comes the most crucial step. What are you going to do next? It isn’t as easy as just slapping up a website and sticking some random content on there.

You need to have the training to set up your website correctly and get the most out of every step, and I invite you to have a read of my preferred training program that turned me into somebody who knew nothing into somebody with a purpose.

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