10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs

For a sector reaching $11 billion worth in the United States alone, you may want to endeavor on some of the best personal development affiliate programs out there.

You might have some doubts about this niche. Is this easy to promote? Would people patronize a program that benefits only themselves? Wouldn’t they feel selfish for shelling out money for themselves?

It is not a sin to invest in yourself; it is a necessity. When people become the best version of themselves, their positive outlook can begin to radiate in every room they enter.

More and more people are beginning to recognize that nowadays, the self-improvement industry has flourished over the years.

The self-development sector includes various products and services such as self-help, personal coaching, business coaching, seminars, industry-specific training, wellness motivation, supplements, academic courses, and many others.

That said, personal development is quite a large industry. As an affiliate marketer, you have a big chance at generating income by promoting self-improvement-related products.

What makes it even more appealing is that this growing market is forecasted to increase by 5.5% every year.

Are you interested in venturing into this niche? You do not only get to earn affiliate income, but you will also be able to help your followers improve themselves and lead happy lives.

If your answer is yes, I can help you kickstart your quest. I have been so excited to do the research. I am more than happy to share my list of the best personal development affiliate programs.

10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs

  1. Tony Robbins Affiliate Program
  2. Forward Steps Affiliate Program    
  3. Mind Valley Affiliate Program
  4. Proctor Gallagher Institute Affiliate Program
  5. Morning Ritual Mastery Affiliate Program
  6. Optimal Thinking Affiliate Program     
  7. Brian Tracy Affiliate Program
  8. Hay House Affiliate Program
  9. I Need Motivation Affiliate Program
  10. Greater Minds Affiliate Program

Tony Robbins Affiliate Program

Tony Robbins Affiliate Program, Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs

When it comes to professional and personal development, Tony Robbins is the name that first comes to mind. His programs became number one for a reason, after all.

Tony Robbins created blogs, podcasts, and videos that are all geared towards self-improvement. Followers would be mesmerized because these programs have changed the lives of over 50 million people worldwide for the better.

Training programs, exclusive retreats, private coaching, supplements, and live seminars – these are just some of the solutions offered at Tony Robbins’ website. His live seminars alone have gathered 4 million attendees.

Forward Steps Affiliate Program     

Forward Steps Affiliate Program, Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs

Forward Steps is a brainchild of Thea Westra. This Australian coach is also the author of “Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones,” which helps its readers discover what they want in life and how they can achieve it one step at a time.

The blog is packed with self-improvement content that is both informative and motivational. Your followers can benefit from its 39 ebooks, 39 gifts, and free articles that promote positivity and development.

Forward Steps’ self-development package includes the 365 Forward Steps eBook, 365 Positive Life Quotes eBook, 365 Life Power Questions eBook,  365 Forward Steps Notes Collection, 49 Questions To Inspire Change Exercise, Positive 15 Hours MP3s/eBooks, and the Time For My Life PDF & MOBI.

Mind Valley Affiliate Program

Mind Valley Affiliate Program

Learning is not limited to the years you have in school. At Mind Valley, they believe it is a lifelong adventure.

Mind Valley is an educational company that strives to provide online learning opportunities to people. Your followers would want to explore their vast collection of online courses, software programs, and other services.

To offer a high-caliber education to their learners, they have collaborated with prominent universities and renowned motivational leaders.

Mind Valley was brought forth as a result of Vishen Lakhiani, its founder, turning to meditation after enduring extreme stress and burnout in his previous work as a senior leader and computer engineer in Silicon Valley.

He completely changed his ways and studied meditation, which deepened his understanding of human development.

He began teaching across the globe and devoted himself to the quest of transforming how the world works when it comes to education, business, politics, and spirituality.

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Proctor Gallagher Institute Affiliate Program

Proctor Gallagher Institute Affiliate Program

The name Proctor Gallagher Institute was derived from its two founders, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. They are the two master thinkers who have a single mission.

In studying human potential, Proctor has worked hand-in-hand with two of the world’s greatest minds, Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant. He then became a distinguished transformational speaker.

Even as a successful bank attorney with her law firm, Gallagher wanted to find her life’s purpose. Having attended one of Proctor’s seminars, she finally got a glimpse of what she should be doing in her life.

They founded the Proctor Gallagher Institute to empower people to live their dreams with a purpose. They feature personal development products that may also empower your followers.

These products comprise 6 Minutes to Success, Magic in Your Mind, Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club, and The Art of Goal Creation.

Morning Ritual Mastery Affiliate Program

Morning Ritual Mastery Affiliate Program

They say that one small positive thought to start your day can transform your entire day.

Morning Ritual Mastery offers a seven-day ritual program that enables people to start their day with energy, enthusiasm, passion, and a positive outlook.

Stefan Pylarinos, the creator of this program, believes that how you feel at the start of the morning will impact how you will feel for the rest of the day.

Are there any of your followers who always get negative vibes every morning?

Chances are, many of them are struggling to find ways to keep having optimistic mornings in body, mind, and spirit. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Optimal Thinking Affiliate Program      

Optimal Thinking Affiliate Program

Do you consider your followers rising stars or leaders in their fields? Brace yourselves because you might get a lot of affiliates from this personal development program.

Optimal Thinking is founded by Dr. Rosaline Glickman, who is an optimization consultant and executive coach. Her service is focused on coaching senior executives, CEOs, and other potential leaders.

She has conducted seminars to Fortune 500 companies, universities, and federal agencies, both online and in person. Aside from workshops and coaching, she also offers business proposals and business plan writing.

Her first-class coaching experience is a gem for those who want to optimize their lives. Show your followers the 100-day Optimal Thinking audio program to help jumpstart their careers.

Brian Tracy Affiliate Program

Brian Tracy Affiliate Program

Have you ever asked yourself why other people are more successful than you? Have you ever stopped and wondered why they are earning more than you?

Brian Tracy is committed to helping people set their life goals, establish entrepreneurship, and build sustainable wealth.

His program comprises a course on becoming a published author, a virtual training course from a 6-figure speaker, a course on achieving elite performance and 21st-century sales, and a course on the power of personal achievement.

A prominent public speaker backed with over thirty years of experience, Brian Tracy is a treasure for your followers to build and sustain wealth.

Hay House Affiliate Program

Hay House Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Home Page
  • Commission Rate: 50% on online courses; 20% on lectures and events; 10% on books and products
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

Hay House prides itself on being the largest producer and publisher of transformational and personal development books. Having been in the business since 1984, it has already products several self-help products since then,

More than 35 years ago, Louse Hay founded the Hay House and had written two internationally acclaimed best-selling books. One of them has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide.

Given that, it is safe to assume that their books and other products have effectively helped millions of people worldwide.

At present, Hay House has evolved and has since been publishing digital books, calendars, inspirational online courses, workshops, and face-to-face events.

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I Need Motivation Affiliate Program

I Need Motivation Affiliate Program

It’s true. Health is the most significant wealth. But then, even with that in mind, some people tend to disregard their health unwittingly. Do you know what is lacking?


This is where I Need Motivation comes in. It is a website packed with as many as 650 health and wellness courses to help people get motivated to boost their daily habits.

Your followers can benefit from their courses which involve positive Thinking, focus enhancement, weight loss, work-life balance, and overall health improvement.

Their clients have the option to get their course in mp3 or CD format.

Greater Minds Affiliate Program

Greater Minds Affiliate Program

Back in 2003, Paul Gunter and Andrew Shorten founded Greater Minds to push the boundaries of people’s potential and unlock happier and healthier lives.

At Greater Minds, they join forces with several experts in the self-improvement sector to design and develop learning materials. Their mission is to spark positive transformations in anyone who aims to be better.

Your followers can find on their platform the daily practices that they can smoothly incorporate into their lives.

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Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs Summary

Did you know that the first self-help book dates back to 1859 with the title “Self Help”? You might not believe it, but this niche has been around for more than a century.

Do you know what that means? It only shows how large your target market is. Everyone has a self they would want to improve. Everyone wants to be better and be happy.

Your followers may have distinct areas of concern from one another. Well, that is why there are many available programs to cater to the different needs of people.

It doesn’t hurt to be a part of people’s growth or to lead them towards lasting happiness while earning income at the same time. The reality is, it could be such a rewarding feeling.

Remember that sometimes, people tend to feel guilty about wanting to spend money on themselves. Please take it as a challenge for you to enlighten them on how there is nothing wrong with investing in their betterment.

Because of the many niche programs being offered these days, it could be challenging to choose which ones to promote. Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered. The research has been done, and the list above is ready for you to take advantage of.

Have you chosen a program to market to your followers? Which personal development affiliate programs are you most likely to include in your website?

As I always say, do not limit yourself to just one affiliate program. Be diverse, and most importantly, start now.

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