Aweber Com Reviews-Stripping It Back To The Bone

Aweber com Reviews – Stripping Back To The Bone

Bloody hell more Aweber com reviews you say all preaching the same thing. Well, stay with me for a while as I strip back down to its bones so you can have a better look at the inner workings.

I’m going to use each feature and go over it good points, and it’s bad points for you to see a little deeper.

Aweber Overall Summary

Aweber summary, aweber com reviews
  • Name: Aweber
  • Membership: Free 30 day trial then $19 per month basic plan


The dashboard is designed to give you easy access to the most well-used functions straight at the front end; from there, you will find the advanced options in the dropdown menus.

  • Create a message – The dropdown menu lets you choose from a drag and drop page editor, plain text message or HTML editor.
  • List builder & sign up form – You can import all of your contacts or build a sign-up form from here.
  • Custom email creator – From here, you paste in the URL of your choice, and it will build a variety of templates to choose from or create your own.
  • Integrations & plugins – You have access to 10 integration plugins and widgets here.
  • Landing pages – Create your landing page straight from here you will be taken to a list of templates to choose to use.
  • Subscriber Statistics – This is a central subscriber list; you can see how many subscribers there are in all of your listings at a glance.
  • Scheduled broadcasts – This shows you what broadcasts you have queued, or you can click and schedule a broadcast as well.
  • Sent broadcasts – Shows all sent broadcasts or create a new one from here.
  • List statistics – Shows all statistics from every list you have in one place.
Front end Dashboard,  aweber com reviews

Newsletter Creator

Let’s have a look at the newsletter creator. You have three options from the dropdown menu

  • Drag & drop editor – You have a choice of using one of their pre-designed templates or your design. I have created one from scratch for demonstration purposes.
  • Plain text email – Some email marketers just like working without the boundaries of having to drag and drop elements onto the email. This variation will send a plain text email only, which will not trigger spam filters as easily.
  • HTML editor – Is for those tech-savvy people out there who want something special from their emails. I wouldn’t even go close to it.

Let’s go through the elements one by one, note that I have only used the most commonly used elements in this demo.

  • Logo element – You can add your personalized logo into this area to add some personality.
  • Headline element – is just there to use as a template for larger text in its box.
  • Text element – is there in a template default as soon as you open it, there is a good range of text formats to choose from,
  • You can personalize the message using a dropdown menu for entering customer info, location, and your details straight into the element’s box.
  • Article creation – This is an element box where you can send your subscriber to a page of your choice. Add a Headline then a snippet of text to interest your reader and add an image and URL.
  • Share buttons – This will make it great for people who want to share your newsletter.
  •  Video insert element – Here, you insert the video URL and a Headline that will appear in the top left-hand corner to tell people what it is.
Email Demonstration template

Overall I found that the drag & drop builder is straightforward to use. Just pull it onto the message and type what you need, and the insertion of URLs will be completed on the side, so there is no messing around on the form itself.

You can also create a template email in the format that you want, which will then be saved to your email templates manager so you can easily access them in the future.

All the images have left, center, and right alignment. If you choose left or correct alignment, text will wrap around the image. Images are clickable to an URL.

Aweber sign up

Why there is both a logo and an image box is beyond me as they are the same thing.

The article creator is straightforward to set up with headline, text, and URL with a straightforward format that makes it easy to create.

The video creator is just as easy to use for setting up all its elements; Its main drawback is that it does not display an image in the newsletter, so you lose the aesthetics that a picture would give.

When I noticed this, I just went and pulled in an article creation element and inserted an image of the video, left-aligned it to wrap the text, and with a headline.

It looks better because when created with an image, headline and text snippet, it had more personality than just the video creator itself.

I would skip the video creator and stick with using the article creation template.

The social share buttons element only support Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, which is more than adequate for sharing in a newsletter.

Email Website Template


This is a different feature that I haven’t come across before. You insert your URL into the email builder and then click the create button.

I decided to make one using my Jaaxy Product review page; it then automatically creates a variety of email templates that you can choose to use for your template.

Once you choose one of the templates, click on it and if you want to, you can edit it further in the next field or save it.

When I tried to create a template in chrome it would not save the template at all, I spoke with support and tried to make one in firefox and windows incognito as well but still no joy.

This would be a great feature to use if I could have managed to get a template to save. So I can’t give an opinion on this feature at all.

If you use Aweber and have tried this feature, please leave a comment below as I would love to know how it worked.

Jaaxy email template

Integration widgets and plugins

The Integrations tab has the top 10 most popular integration plugins; you can type into the search bar for the integration of your choice. There are 1,000 available to choose from.

Once you have found the plugin, you are looking for click on the image and then the connect integration button, and it will take you straight to the relevant integrations page.

From there, you sign up to the integration platform if you have no account.

Note: users cant use the WordPress plugin as it is not allowed. It can be used on sites, though. You have to use Aweber to host your sign up form.

Integration platform

Blog Broadcast 

blog broadcast

I wouldn’t use this feature with my email list as I want them to concentrate on the email sequence that I am sending to them.

And as for the social sharing option, anybody who has social sharing buttons on their website would be able to do it there more quickly and easily.

Automation Campaign

Let’s go through the automation process for an email campaign. The process is a drag and drop builder for messages, wait periods, and tags.

With each email in this example, I have set two tag rules.

  • Opened emails are given a tag of “opened.”
  • link clicks activated are given a tag as “active.”

Once the campaign is ongoing or completed, the creator of the campaign can find the active subscriber by filtering them out and send them into another campaign.

With tagging comes diversity, the more tags you use in your campaign, the more niche your email lists can become as they are broken down into smaller segments.

automation tags

The second function of the automation cycle is the wait period. Just drag and drop the wait element over between the two emails and select how many days and what time to send the next email out.

I think that a lot more could be done to improve the campaign automation, such as being able to open up all the relevant list and sending them an email without having to search for them manually.

Webform Builder

I made the webform using the Teatime template; it is a straightforward theme to work with, which is why I used it. Quite often, less is more.

The first step is to choose whether you are going to use a template or building one from scratch. Then decide what fields you wish to use and then drag and drop them into the web form.

Once done, you pull the fields into position using the drag and drop editor; the pieces are easily moved into the positions once you are happy with the positioning, then go through the different fields and customize to your requirements.

webform builder

Here are a few of the other options for collecting emails you can use these integrations as well for collecting leads, if you don’t see the one you are looking for go over to the integrations tab and do a search for the particular plugin that you need.


Landing Page Builder

So now, I have created my self a basic landing page using a stock template rather than creating one from scratch. I added a video I found on youtube just for the use of the element.

To the left are all of the elements that are being currently used to build a landing page out, and to the right is the page properties settings where you add all the landing page properties.

  • Landing page URL
  • Subdomain name
  • Custom page path
  • Social sharing Title
  • Page description
  • Social sharing image
  • Google Analytics ID
  • Facebook pixel ID
landing page builder

Just drag the element that you want to use onto the form and then arrange them into the order that you wish them to appear. Once completed, go through and edit each element individually until you are happy with your result.

There is a live preview button you can click on at any time you wish to see how you are progressing. It will show in the mobile preview as well.

The video was just a cut and paste URL from youtube that is inserted into the field to integrate. With the landing page, there is no autoplay option, so you will have to click to watch the video manually.

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Aweber Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use drag & drop HTML editor for all form creators
  • Excellent range of plugins and widget options
  • Dashboard is straightforward to navigate
  • Repot dashboard options can be centralized
  • Support has an extensive database


  • Automation campaign settings have no advanced options
  • Blog broadcast options are minimal
  • Phone support for international clients is poor
  • Not the platform to use if you are looking for advanced marketing options
fivver affiliate program

My Thoughts On Aweber

My overall impression of all the AWeber features have mostly been positive; there are a few issues which I will discuss in a second. The dashboard navigation is straightforward to find your way to all the different areas that you need.

The drag and drop editors for building out the elements in each building platform of newsletter creator, webform creator, and landing page creator were straightforward to use.

The landing page creator does give you a live preview of how it looks on mobile, but I would have liked to be able to edit the mobile version independently. It has been hardwired in computer coding to fit any mobile device.

The create an email feature was disappointing as I could not build and save one. Even with the support desk assistance, so let me know in the comments below if you successfully used it and what the result was.

The integration options were impressive; there were 1,000 options to choose from if you knew the name of the specific plugin to type into the search bar.

Support at Aweber is a 24/7 live chat or send an email for an issue with a technical aspect. There is also toll-free phone support for US citizens from Monday to Friday from 8 am till 8 pm US standard time.

As an international caller, you have to contact them and arrange a time for them to call you, or you have to pay international phone call fees.

Even though they had live support, I wasn’t too happy with their assistance as when I was trying to sort out the email feature problem, and I was sent links twice to things that weren’t even relevant to the issue at hand.

I think that they were trying to give me the closest available information at hand, it could also have been that this problem doesn’t come up this often and they didn’t have a video for it.

Overall my impression of Aweber is that it is suitable for the average email marketer who wants tools that are easy to use and doesn’t need advanced tools as the automation tools at Aweber are basic at best.

For the advanced marketer who want to use workflow charts with more options than Aweber has, I would recommend having a read of my Get Response Review.

My Aweber Rating Breakdown

aweber review
Aweber sign up

I hope you all enjoyed my summary of Aweber, I always try to do my best to use every feature so that I know how it ticks, if you gained any insights share them with me in my comments section.

Kevin delahaye

Hi there everyone my name is Kevin Delahaye and I am the owner of Niche Marketing Toolkit.

I will try to bring value to you with each and every post I write and hopefully have the answer to the question you were seeking.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back as soon as possible. Cheers

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