Analisa Review – An Analytics Tool For TikTok And Instagram

Analisa Review – Analytics For TikTok And Instagram

If you are looking for a solution to analyzing social media performance, this Analisa review will help enlighten you.

Have you ever wondered why influencers are so successful in Tiktok and Instagram and why you are not?

If only there’s a way to see how they did it and what kinds of posts got their audience engaged; maybe you can get a glimpse of their secret and try to mirror their ways.

Good news! Your “if only” has just become a reality with Analisa. I have tried it myself, and I know for a fact you can benefit from it too.

Stay with me. I will tell you everything I’ve learned about it.

First thing first, what is Analisa and what makes it unique from other social media tools?

Analisa, powered by artificial intelligence, is an analytics tool to examine and analyze hashtags and public profiles on Tiktok on Instagram.

Basic analytics is free of charge while you need to upgrade to paid plans to avail of its advanced analytics features. 

This SaaS or software-as-a-service was established in 2019 with offices in Jakarta and Singapore. Since then, it has already reinforced business in more than 57 countries.

Things to consider before buying Analisa

Does it solve a problem?

Analisa analyzes public profiles and hashtag campaigns on Tiktok and Instagram. With the information from its analytics report, you can find answers to these problems and needs:

  • Audience not engaging
  • Getting fewer likes and comments to posts
  • Social posts not converting
  • Influencers endorse your products to the wrong audience
  • Too much or too little content
  • No idea when to post content
  • Challenged to outdo the competition

Who can benefit from it?

Another thing that you need to know is which group do you belong. Are you one of those who can greatly benefit from this platform?

Based on its two years in the industry, it has found that most of the users who have enjoyed the benefits of Analisa are the following:

  • small business
  • marketing individuals or agencies
  • freelancers
  • e-commerce
  • technology companies
  • direct-to-consumer brands
  • influencers

What is your budget?

While Analisa can be used easily at no cost, it cannot be denied how much more valuable information you can get from upgrading your account to one of the paid versions.

Do you think shelling out money for this software is worthwhile? Take your current budget into account and weigh it to the amount you may earn from analyzing profiles and hashtags in-depth.

I will show you in the following sections the things you might be missing out from settling with the free version.

Pricing of product

Analisa pricing plans, Analisa review

Of course, as mentioned above, Analisa’s primary analytics tool can be used by everybody at no extra charge. Aside from its free version, you can access its advanced analytics tool by upgrading your account. 

You may choose from these three pricing plans. Remember, you can get a discount if you opt to pay annually.

  • Premium Plan at $69 per month
  • Plus Plan at $149 per month
  • Pro Plan at $239 per month

Features & Benefits

User-Friendly Interface

Instagram analytics

Analisa can audit profiles and campaigns from two social media platforms most commonly used by influencers: Instagram and Tiktok. All you need to do is search for the @ profile or the # hashtag campaign from any of these five search buttons.

  • Instagram Profile Analytics
  • Instagram Follower Analytics
  • Instagram Hashtag Analytics
  • Tiktok Profile Analytics
  • Tiktok Hashtag Analytics

It’s incredible how straightforward its user interface. When I first opened an account and used the product, I could use it immediately without having to read an instruction manual.

Engagement rate, Like rate, Comment rate

Other analytic platforms may only show you the engagement rate. Analisa has made it more specific by providing the like and comment rate as well.

With this feature, you will understand how the audience reacts and responds to a specific content given a particular hashtag (if you search through hashtag analytics) or in one particular profile (if through profile analytics).

What’s good about this feature is that this is available to all subscription plans, including free plans. This is the feature that I first tried and enjoyed.

Follower Audience Demographics

follower demographics

Do you manage a business or market a product? Are you looking for an influencer who can effectively endorse your product?

Every product or service is targeted at a specific group of people. You would not tap an influencer whose followers are mostly teen boys if you are selling cloth diapers, would you?

How would you identify the Instagram or TikTok influencers whose followers coincide with your target market? The answer is Analisa’s Follower Demographics features.

The feature can be obtained from @profile search reports. Its graphical reports are so great because it makes it so easy to visualize the followers’ demographics. You can quickly see the different ages, genders, and countries of the followers.  

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Follower Authenticity Audits

Follower Authenticity Audits

The truth is, you cannot entirely rely on the number of followers an account has garnered. Why? It’s because not all of them are authentic followers.

Some of them are created deliberately to increase the number of followers of a particular profile. Well, I couldn’t blame them. People are most likely to trust a profile if it already has thousands of followers.

Yet, as business owners looking for influencers, you need to be sure most of their followers are actively engaging and are real people. Otherwise, you might just be wasting their talent fees without any sales conversion.

With Analisa’s Follower Authenticity Audits, you can see a pie chart demonstrating the percentage of regular followers, dormant followers, mildly and highly suspicious followers of a certain profile.

Give it a try. It is presented in a very easily understandable manner.

Influencer Mapping

Influencer Mapping

Influencer mapping is the visual approach to assessing how much influence an influencer has in the digital world. 

This feature can assist in your search for the right influencers you should tap to endorse your product. Be reminded, though, that popularity is not equivalent to influence. 

That said, having millions of followers does not necessarily mean the voice is being listened to or that it can impact people’s lives.

The Total Posts and the Average Likes and Comments per Post reports can help you visualize the influencer’s impact on the followers.

If you take a look at the sample, you can see that there are only four posts on Sunday, and yet, it has garnered almost 2 million likes and comments for each of those posts. That is real influence right there.

Tagged Relationships

Tagged Relationships

Tags and Mentions report shows the brands and profiles tagged and mentioned by the one searched, including the number of times they were tagged.

Locations Tagged, on the other hand, demonstrates the places they checked in on.

What does this imply? With this information, you will have a better understanding of your potential influencers or endorsers’ relationships.

More often than not, they have some kind of relationship with those they tagged, whether personally or professionally. They could likely become an extension of their reach. And if you tap them, they could also be an extension to yours.

Content Analysis

content analysis

This feature can be found in the Top Posts section of the report. Here, you can find the contents that got the most views, highest engagement, most likes, and comments.

Try to search for a brand similar to yours that became successful in Tiktok and Instagram. You will be amazed to discover what kind of photos or videos got them the most views and engagement.

Words Analysis

words analysis

Instagram and TikTok are both social media platforms focused on photos and videos. Despite that, words still have a “say” in the success of a business or profile.

Analisa provides reports on the Caption words most used and Hashtags most used.

Knowing these details will give you a hint on which words or hashtags have the potential to yield great results.

Posting Schedules

posting activity

Did you ever experience posting high-quality content with a very catchy caption, yet it has not caught any attention? No like, no comment, no engagement.

It’s kind of frustrating, isn’t it? Having to pour your creative juices, but no one seems to bother.

Sometimes, it’s all about when you publish the content. Try searching for a profile of a person or brand with the same target market as yours.

Through the Posting Activity and Engagement reports, you will know the time they post their contents. You will also learn during what time does the followers engage the most.

This is a precise and straightforward approach to scheduling your posts to ensure more active engagement from the followers.

Date Customization

date customization

This feature allows you to change the dates of data you want to analyze. You can even adjust the range from the last 30 days, last three months, last six months to the entire history. If you prefer, you can also choose the custom range.

Date customization lets you have a look at the bigger picture using the more extended range. If you are only interested in a certain season, the Christmas season, for instance, you are free to do so as well.

Dedicated Customer Support

dedicated customer support

Sometimes, no matter how seemingly great an app is, it may encounter a problem. No matter how seamless the interface is, some users may find it confusing.

The good thing is that Analisa has dedicated customer support that you can chat to if you ever experience any problem or if you come across a question along the way.

They are available from 10 AM to 7 PM GMT +7, and they speak Bahasa Indonesian and English.

Campaign Reporting

pdf and csv reports
sample reports

With Analisa, you can export Tiktok and Instagram hashtag and profile reports to CSV and PDF. This helps you save time, mainly because you can customize the report depending on your needs.

Free version users do not have this option, though. Premium users can only export to PDF. Plus and Pro version users, on the other hand, can export to both PDF and CSV.

Pros & Cons


  • It showcases a user-friendly interface.
  • Selecting an influencer for your brand has been made easy and smart.
  • You get a better idea about what content to create and when to post it.
  • It allows you to see the performance and strategies of your competition.
  • A free version is available.


  • It takes a while to run a search.
  • Customer support agents are not available 24/7.

Analisa Review Ratings & Summary

There you have it. The comprehensive review of Analisa that I put together is based on my personal experience with the product, taking all the features pros and cons my overall rating is.

four star rating

With that, I can say that it is jampacked with features that provide valuable data. What makes it even better is how these data are shown – in a very organized, visually attractive, and easily understandable manner.

I believe Analisa can be instrumental in attaining two essential purposes.

The first is figuring out how to create the most effective posts and schedule their publish dates and times. The second is finding the most suitable influencer who can successfully endorse and represent your brand.

Beyond question, these details are essential in giving you direction on how to go about your social campaign.

Analisa is indeed true to its name as it is an excellent “analytics” tool to help you examine and ultimately boost your Instagram and Tiktok brands.

Are you excited to create engaging and impactful content on these two social media platforms? Are you eager to take your brand to the next level by tapping the best influencer?

I am sure you want to publish posts that go viral and convert to sales. You long for endorsers who people can trust and can help you get more buyers.

By now, that is easy to achieve with the help of this analytics tool. But of course, you need to take the first step—no need to worry. You can first try its free version.

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