A Clickfunnels Review – Stripping It Down To The Bare Bones

Clickfunnels Review My Take On It

Hey there, are you ready to read another clickfunnels review? Let’s see if I can make this one a little different from everybody else’s as I will get into each feature and strip it down to the bone.

I will be doing my review on how each piece works using the basic Clickfunnels plan. Follow along with me now as I dissect each part of the basic building blocks of Clickfunnels for you.

What is Clickfunnels all about?

Clickfunnels Is one of the leading landing page builders out there it’s an all in one platform is cutting edge for creating sales funnels, landing pages.

With this platform, it has all the features you need to be able that you need to sell, promote, and deliver all of your products and customer services.

But on the flip side of this clickfunnels cheapest plan is $97 per month to be able to use this platform. So is it really what your budget can handle for the business you run?

So let’s get started and see if Clickfunnels is the right fit for your business.

Clickfunnels overview

Clickfunnels is designed to work with newbies and experienced marketers alike to create landing pages and sales funnels as no coding experience is needed. The drag & drop editor is easy to use.

It is the perfect tool for any marketer online if you are concentrating on building sales funnels as part of your primary sales process for collecting leads, promoting your services, or selling your products.

But do I think it is worth the cost? I believe that there are a few cheaper alternatives out there for beginner marketers. GetResponse is an excellent alternative for clickfunnels at about 1/2 the price, which has a sales funnel creator as part of the package. Read My Get Response Review Here.

click funnels pricing structure, Clickfunnels Review
click funnels pricing structure
click_funnels_free trial

Funnel Builder Secrets Plans

clickfunnel funnel builders secrets, Clickfunnels Review

The Funnel Builder Secrets Plan gives you access to either a 6 or 12 months plan of Platinum, and then you have access to a superior training program with more tools and resources available.

See Below For The Extra Benefits

  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass – is a six-week training course that teaches you how to hack other businesses funnels and work out the amount of money they are earning from it. Plus, you get advanced training to build high converting funnels of your own.
  • Funnel Builder secrets training – is concentrating on the technical aspects of funnel building and educates people more on the creation of auto webinar funnels, webinar funnels, membership funnels, and the like.
  • Traffic Secrets Membership – This course teaches you all the different strategies of driving traffic to any of your sales funnels or websites.
  • Funnel Scripts – This gives you access to all of the Funnel Script software.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t even bother buying into The Funnel Builder Secrets Plan unless you are a die-hard funnel freak who has money to invest and wants to concentrate purely on funnel building for your product or for potential clients who wish to you to build funnels for them.

What Type of Page Builders Are There?

Clickfunnels has two main ways to create landing pages and sales funnels.

  • Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook
  • Classic Funnel Builder

So let’s start with the Classic Funnel Builder to kick things off.

This is a very straightforward process. Just follow the three steps below, and you have yourself a funnel format all worked out for you.

  1. Choose whether you wish to collect emails, sell your product or host a webinar.
  2. Now choose whether you wish to create a sales funnel page, product launch page, or a membership page.
  3. Create a funnel name, and if you have a group tag, select that.
  4. Click the create funnel button, and it will then generate the landing page for whichever option you chose.
classic builder setup

Landing Page Template Setup

Now we have created the landing page it is time to go and set up the primary landing page setup that you want to use for your project.

  1. Choose what template you wish to use. There is about 20 – 30 to choose from all fully customizable, or build one from scratch; the choice is yours. I just decided upon a simple optin page for this example.
  2. , Click on add new action to create what you want to happen, whether you want it sent straight away or with a delay.
  3. Choose the publishing tab and click the options that you want to put your funnel into. All of them are copy and paste apart from Facebook, WordPress plugin, and HTML.
  4. Go to the settings tab; this is where you will add all the tracking codes, check on your statistics and choose whether you want to make it a share funnel or whether you want to clone it.

Now you are all set up and ready to go. It might sound like a lot to do, but each step is straightforward to follow along. Now let’s have a look at the drag and drop Editor.


Drag and Drop Page Builder

With this section, I am going to explain each part of the drag and drop editor so that you understand the inner workings of it.

  • Sections – Here, you are dragging a whole section onto the page. There are three options to choose from, blank template; second is actions where a variety of image templates can be selected from, and content in a variety of content styles to choose from.
  • Rows – Drag and drop out a row onto the page which can house from 1 – 6  element blocks and a left and right sidebar option as well.
  • Columns – The columns option allows you to navigate to each section and row by hovering over the option in the control tab. Once you have chosen the one that you want, you can change all elements that are in the box, add more and adjust padding and other options as well.
  • Elements – The elements box is where you add all the content you want into the page; it ranges from texts to images to video and a lot of other options as well.
  • Settings – The settings tab is the bread and butter of your whole page. This is where you go after you have formatted the page to your liking. Now you come here to complete your email integration, SEO Meta Data, Tracking code, and other custom CSS settings if you want to.
  • Preview – You always have a live preview of what your landing page will look like in either mobile or laptop view. You can adjust the landing page in either view to get it to look the way you want it to look like.
  • Popup Creator – This is independent of the landing page, you can choose to create a popup or not depending on what you like. It does have a time delay option on it.

All in all, when I first used the drag and drop editor, I found it a little confusing, so I just set up a practice funnel to play with the features. Once I got used to it, I found it very easy to use.

The downside to the drag and drop editor is that there is no in-depth training video that shows how it works that I have found

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

The funnel hackers cookbook is excellent for taking the guesswork out of what type of funnel you would like to use in your next campaign there are 22 funnel types to choose from. The range of funnels covers every aspect of funnel marketing you can think of.

All the funnels are optimized for a specific sequence of events to be triggered as the person moves through the sales funnels.

Cookbook builder funnels

click_funnels_free trial

Clickfunnel Integrations

Clickfunnels has one of the most extensive range of integration tools out in the marketplace, which all connect up seamlessly with the clickfunnels platform.

Some of the types of integrations that can be added to your account are: webinars, emails, text/SMS, and actions. Already have a  GetResponse autoresponder account.

Just go to your integration tab and either look for them in the search bar or click on the add integration button. Choose the one you want to install and follow the instructions. Easy as that.

Here is a full list of clickfunnels integrations:

 Active Campaign GoToWebinarMad MimiShipStation
AweberGVO PureLeverageMailChimpShopify
Constant ContactHTML FormMaropostTwilio
ConvertkitHubSpotOntraportWebinar Jam Studio

Also here is the list of Payment Gateways available for use in Clickfunnels:

StripeClickBankEasy Pay Direct
JVZooBlue Snap 
email integrations

How easy is Clickfunnels to use?

Clickfunnels overall is a straightforward platform to use. At first, you have to get used to using the Drag and Drop Editor, once you have practiced with it a little you will find it is a very versatile tool.

It can be a little overwhelming to the complete newbie to the funnel world, but it is nothing that a couple of hours of practice will not fix.

They have a lot of training on funnel building if you do the searching in the help section, and if you can’t find it there, you can also contact the help desk.

The primary function of Clickfunnels being their building of sales funnels is very easy to use, but sometimes setting up a couple of the email and payment gateway integrations can use a little bit more knowledge to deal with it.

But overall, I find that it was easy to use and to get get the feel of the drag and drop builder.

Who will get the most out of Clickfunnels?

Who would I recommend as a person to get the most benefit out of Clickfunnels? I would start with start-up companies, and small businesses will get the best use of it.

Speakers, consultants, professional services providers, coaches, or people who are exclusively in network marketing and e-commerce would be a good fit.

Clickfunnels is, in my opinion, more for people who are offering a service or a product to sell that they can use the pre-made funnels towards these objectives.

As an example, say you own a small restaurant, and you want to run a daily deal offer, the pre-made daily deal funnel would be perfect for you.

Or, if you need it to be all about you and your brand exclusively, this would be more of the way to go. This would also work well for selling training courses or books.

If you are an affiliate marketer or just looking to collect leads for your list, there are cheaper options. Try GetResponse 30 day trial for free.

Clickfunnels customer support

Click funnels support is a bit of a mixed bag for me, while they have a functional documentation area where you type in what you are looking for, and a bunch of different answers will come up I find that it can be a bit hit and miss.

The chat feature is very disappointing when you type your question in an automated bot gives you some options to choose from.

For simple questions, it can be alright, but anything advanced questions are beyond the automated features.

Overall, I am not that impressed with the customer support.

For being one of the most prominent players in the funnel marketing world, I think they should have a dedicated live team for support and a severe reorganization of their document section.

Clickfunnels Pros and Cons


  • The access to the pre-made funnels for the creation of any funnel that you can think of is a big winner.
  • The drag and drop builder for building your funnels is easy to use and very flexible in what you want to do with them.
  • The extensive range of integrations for both email and payment gateways is impressive.
  • If you are willing to pay the money, they are second to none in training you in the art of funnel creation and everything associated with it.


  • The cost of their membership fee is very expensive making it hard as a beginner who is on a budget to take advantage of the program fully
  • No email available with the basic plan unless you upgrade or integrate an autoresponder onto your platform.
  • Customer support is very substandard; they are one of the biggest brands out there but have one of the worst customer support platforms I have ever seen.
  • It is meant for a particular type of marketer who specializes in services or products that can be upsold and down sold as the funnel process is designed for those industries.
  • Not meant for the affiliate marketers as you wouldn’t be able to use the funnels effectively to market other peoples affiliate programs properly.

Clickfunnels Review Summary & Rating

It is a straightforward, user-friendly platform to use. For the people who aren’t tech-savvy, it is a godsend as the funnels are easy to create your product into a reality, and the pre-made funnels make the decision making for the type of funnel to use even more natural.

But it is only meant for people who are going to build their brand entirely around the funnel building market for their product or their particular service such as training courses or building funnels for your clients.

For any other type of marketer out there, the costs would be prohibitive to work with unless you are willing to spend a lot of money upfront for gain down the road.

Is clickfunnels Legit? Yes, it is, the platform is user friendly, and if it is your type of gig, you will make a lot of friends in here who you could go onto to do jobs together.

Clickfunnel review
click_funnels_free trial

Kevin delahaye

Hi there everyone my name is Kevin Delahaye and I am the owner of Niche Marketing Toolkit.

I will try to bring value to you with each and every post I write and hopefully have the answer to the question you were seeking.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back as soon as possible. Cheers

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