7 Major Causes of Daily Distraction – Is It Driving You Crazy?

7 Causes of Daily Distraction

Focus is the enemy of the home-based worker, whether you are an affiliate marketer or a Virtual Assistant. Today I’m going to cover 7 of the major causes of daily distraction that plague people who are trying to get everything done.

First thing in the morning you’ve just had your coffee you’re all ready to go I’m before you know it the end of the day comes around and you still haven’t got any work done.

When you first start your home business, you must learn to be able to get rid of all the distractions in your workplace so that you can concentrate on what needs to be done.

No Dedicated Zone to Work In

To zone in on getting the work done during the day in a home environment, you should have a room dedicated to just working so you can shut the door and minimize the distractions.

If you have a busy household, try to set some rules so that your family is clear on them so you can concentrate on the business. Inevitably things will still come up.

Junk the Useless Apps

social media apps

First, let’s start on the apps, you’ve naturally got plenty of apps on your phone and computer hat have built up over the years do you really need them all or are they just sitting there forgotten about?

Just being on the screen and looking at you in the face all day, they’re just a big distraction, and they’re chewing up memory on your computer.

Now it’s time to be merciless and go through and delete every app that you don’t need. If you don’t use it, then lose it. Keep only the essentials.

You will thank yourself in the future. If down the track, you find that you need a particular app, then download it again.

Sort Out the Email Craziness

Do you need all those daily deal coupons all the time? Do you need or have the time to watch that webinar? And the list goes on.

Now is the time to start drilling down and start unsubscribing from all non-essential emails. Be ruthless with yourself that is just wasting time sitting in your inbox.

Do You Need Notifications Popping Up?

It’s hard enough to concentrate on the work in front of you in the first place without popup notifications coming up on the side of your screen.

Now is the time to turn them off. Firstly, there will be a time for you to check on your emails when you need to.

Turn your phone off or put it on silent so you can’t be disturbed while you are working when you have a break check it then.

Schedule a time to check your emails so that you can concentrate better. Your productivity will pick up because all those electronic distractions are diverted.

Decreasing the notifications will help you focus on your attention to detail with the work you have in front of you.

It will also make it easier for you to complete all your work and meet the deadlines that you have set for yourself.

Outside Distractions

This type of distraction is something not many people would think about. But by working at a window, you would see cars going by, people wandering around, or even a cat crossing the road.

Even these little things can create distractions that can take your concentration off the work that you are doing and affect productivity.

Try placing your desk in a place that is not looking out the window but is still well lit so that you can work comfortably. You will find that you will be able to concentrate more easily.

Children in the House

One of the hardest things about being a home-based business is when you have children. Finding the right mix will be a challenge.

It’s going to be hard to be able to concentrate when the kids are running around everywhere. You will have to find time to be able to fit in the routine of the kids with your work.

The challenge you will have is to be able to cater to your children’s needs and schedule and balance your work schedule as well, so that won’t compromise your work standards.

Try and schedule a set family time-period each day, and when they are sleeping or otherwise occupied, you’ll be able to concentrate on everything that you need to get done.

Work Around the House

work around the house

One of the hardest things about working at home is being able to separate your work life from everything that must be done around the house.

To be able to work the separate boundaries between getting the house clean and being able to get all your work done for your business, you will have to do a little bit of planning.

Look at your overall schedule, work, children time off for yourself etc. Now try to plan your household work around that.

Try to plan specific days of the week to be able to get particular chores done so that they will be well spaced out so they will not overwhelm you.

That way, you’ll be able to get all your work done without being crowded out by jobs that keep on building up.

Remember setting clear boundaries between work and household chores is essential, or you will go bat shit crazy.

My Conclusion on it

Remember to take a break every hour or so, and get away from your screen, go out and check your phone messages then or go for a quick walk to wind down.

Being a full-time Virtual Assistant will be a challenging but rewarding job towards building that freedom that you are after for yourself.

But as you can see, there are a lot of boundaries that have to be ripped down and reset to be able to maximize on all that you wish to get done in your life.

Take everything one step at a time, and don’t go crazy is the best advice I can give to you right now and above enjoy yourself.

3 thoughts on “7 Major Causes of Daily Distraction – Is It Driving You Crazy?”

  1. Wonderful post! I can relate to almost everything you said here. I definitely have to get more organized and the solutions you suggested for those distractions are a great way for me to get started. Thanks!

  2. Ok, so the useless apps totally pull me away EVERY TIME. I have this one chess app that, while I don’t want to call it “useless”, it is DEFINITELY guilty of distracting me, lol. I may have to break down and delete it! Great article!

  3. Distractions are the plague that every person who works online must avoid, I agree with you.
    You post helps us understand what they are so we can identify them and avoid them. You are also right that taking breaks is very important. Luckily, my wife makes me stop every now and them to rest, grab a kiss, and drink some water 🙂

    Thank you for the great advice.


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