The Wealthy Affiliates Review – The Naked Facts Laid Out

Wealthy Affiliate review

The Wealthy Affiliates Review – The Naked Facts Laid Out How are you today, when you have read product reviews, they can sound a little one-sided? Today in my post, I’m going to lay out the bare facts in the Wealthy Affiliates review. Already I can hear you say; he is going to blow his own trumpet. But follow along with me as I go through each section of wealthy Affiliate laying out the facts … Read more

social media marketing tools Which One Is Right For You?

social media marketing tools

Which Social Media Marketing Tools Will Work For You? In the world of affiliate marketing today social media marketing tools have become a big part of an online marketer’s success there is a huge variety of social media tools out there that all have different functions. Effective social media marketing won’t just happen straight off the bat, it takes a lot of time and effort to get the mix of marketing strategies and the tools … Read more

What Is an SEO Tool And How To Use Them

Best SEO Tools

What Is An SEO Tool And Why People Aren’t Using Them Today I’m going to cover SEO tools. A lot of people don’t understand the importance of using SEO on their websites. They say, what is an SEO tool, and why should I use it? At its most basic, all SEO tools are designed to find out the flaws in your content that you have written and optimized that content for maximum exposure to the … Read more

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Services

web hosting platforms

Are you looking for a new hosting service for you to start your new website or your personal blog? It can be hard deciding because there are so many to choose from; after doing some research, I have a list of what I believe are the best web hosting services on the market today. When you’re first starting, it can be challenging to work out what type of web hosting company to use because there … Read more

top 8 email marketing services

top 8 email marketing services

Website owners need to choose what type of email marketing services they need to gain maximum traction from visitors reading your posts. Top 8 Email Marketing Services GetResponse Aweber Convertkit Constant Contact Active Campaign Hubspot SendInblue Drip Finding the email marketing service that suits you will not be that difficult, as most email marketing services usually offer the same essential functions. The email marketing service providers have different features and price points. This can include … Read more

The Best CBD Affiliate Programs

cbd affiliate programs

Top 10 Of the Best CBD Affiliate Programs Cannabidiol or CBD, for short, Is the non-addictive compound that is found in cannabis and has been proven to have many medicinal properties. So, I’ve created a list of what I think are the top 10 best CBD affiliate programs on the market currently. CBDMB CBDistillery PureSpectrum HempMy Pet CBDSky CBDPure Absolute CBD Specktra Charlottes Web RHEO The chemical compound is being very thoroughly researched because of its … Read more

Latest Facebook Scams And What You Can Do Avoid Them

latest Facebook scams

COVID-19 sweeping the world and more and more people are using Facebook more often, and the incidents of Facebook scams are getting more sophisticated, so I thought I would share a few of the latest Facebook scams that are going around the traps today. The biggest thing to think about when you have links on your Facebook page is do they look too good to be true, and just because your aunt has said oh, … Read more

10 SEO Tips For Ranking Content With The Google Bots

10 SEO Tips For Ranking Content With The Google Bots

The old saying of “Content Is King” will always be right, but you still have to have a Queen and SEO marketing or “search engine optimization” Is the Queen. So, I thought I’d put together 10 SEO tips for ranking content. SEO or “search engine optimization” sounds scary to the average marketer out there; even for people who’s been running their websites for a long time, SEO can be very intimidating. But the truth is the necessary … Read more

Top 10 of the best affiliate marketing niches

best affiliate marketing niches

Affiliate marketing, in its most basic sense, is finding a product to sell for a vendor and promoting it on your website. Today I will take you through what I consider are the ten best niches in affiliate marketing. A lot of people get into affiliate marketing thinking it will be an easy way to earn a fortune and quit working and then they quickly find out it is not as easy as it seems … Read more

10 Best Vitamins and Supplements Affiliate Programs

10 best vitamins and supplements

Currently, in the world today, Vitamins and Supplements are earning 122 billion dollars in the USA and is still growing. Multivitamins own the majority of the market and then followed by Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Vitamins and supplements can be used for a variety of reasons, including health, physical recovery, and stress-related illnesses. Here are ten of the most prominent players in the field for health supplements affiliate programs, but if you do your niche … Read more

What is a Soap Opera Email Sequence All About?

what is a soap opera sequence

What is a soap opera sequence I hear a lot of new email marketers ask? It is a set of five introductory emails to your new subscribers to get them to know you and trust you. If you start flogging your products at them from the get-go, they will just up and leave straight away, so you need to build trust with them, so they get to know who you are. You want them to … Read more